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What Wattage Should I Vape At?

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What wattage should I vape at

“What wattage should I vape at?” is a question many beginner vapers struggle with.

If you're in that position right now, we’ll do our best to help you enjoy your vaping experience at the best wattage.

To be clear from the onset, there is no one-size-fits-all method of vaping. The device you use, the wattage you vape at, the vape juice you enjoy, and your vaping style all go into determining your vaping experience.

How you vape is as much a matter of expertise as it is preference.

Here is what you need to know about the specifics of wattage and how it will affect your vaping experience.


Using The Right Device

Vaping devices can be broadly separated into three categories: vape pens, vape pods and vape mods.

These devices come in all manner of shapes and sizes, with the strength of a vape roughly corresponding to its size.

Vape pens are smaller, sleeker, and easy to carry, whilst pods are a little thicker and often come with an interchangeable head for different strength coils.

Mods are the bulkiest vaping devices on the market, with the majority of the device consisting of a large battery pack set into a shaped handle.

Several people prefer vape mods because they produce more vapor and bigger clouds, with an increased throat hit that enhances the flavour of the e-liquid.

Unlike pens and pods, mods will often contain adjustable wattage levels through the use of a more advanced control system.

When you adjust the wattage, the coil heats up the e-liquid to a specific temperature, allowing you to modify your vaping experience as per your liking.

Many devices use controls that let you set not just an extremely specific wattage, but also a pre-set firing pattern.

If you want an extremely customised vaping experience with the broadest range of possibilities, then a mod is the device for you. Otherwise, pens and pods offer a more limited -though still eminently popular- option.


How Wattage Will Affect Your Vape

Every vape mod has a tank coil, the primary heating element of a vape. The coil uses electricity to vaporise e-liquid, passing a current through itself in order to heat the e-liquid up.

A coil will use a certain amount of power during this process, with the limit of that power set by the coil’s resistance.

The lower the resistance, the more wattage your mod will need. This determines the temperature you vape, which in turn has an impact on flavour, throat hit, and vapour production.

For the best vaping experience, try to balance all of these out.

Once again, we should stress that there is no right or wrong wattage. The key to finding the ideal wattage for you is understanding how the different wattages affect your vape and then experimenting.

It might take a few different tries with a few different coils, but it is without a doubt the best way to find your perfect vaping experience.


Wattage & Flavour

E-liquids come in many different flavours, from vanilla and chocolate to tobacco, menthol, and far more.

To get the best out of strong, rich flavours like tobacco, coffee, or chocolate, you will generally require more wattage.

Fruity flavours such as peach or blueberry taste better with less heat, and thus less wattage.

Menthol flavours also call for a lower wattage to ensure that you fully experience their cooling effect as you vape.

Tailoring your wattage allows you to enhance the flavours of the e-liquid and get more out of the experience.

Ensure you check the highest and lowest wattage range in your device to know how to turn it up or down.

Try not to go beyond the recommended wattage, as this risks burning out your coil very fast.


Wattage & Vapour Production

For many people cloud production alone is a big reason they get into vaping. Playing around with larger clouds and doing tricks like vape rings and waterfalls is a big hit in the vaping community.

A higher wattage device means more power to the coil, producing the larger clouds of vapour that are needed for these tricks.

If you want cooler and smaller clouds, lowering the wattage is the best choice. It’s also worth remembering that if you vape at high wattage, you will end up using more e-liquid.

If you do not want to use up more than a tank of e-liquid in a single day, keep your wattage as low as possible.


Wattage & Throat Hit

Vaping at a high wattage will give you a stronger hit to the throat.

In general this is desired by those using vapes to wean off a cigarette habit, as the sensation of a throat-hit is a familiar feeling.

Some non-smokers choose this as well, simply because they enjoy the sensation.

In general a lower wattage delivers a smoother vaping experience, although the specific e-liquid you choose also has an effect on this.

Vaping continuously at a higher voltage will decrease your battery life. If you are a frequent vaper and aren’t too concerned with the intensity of the throat-hit, it may be best to vape at a lower wattage.

This will help prolong your battery life for as long as possible. Try to get into the habit of charging your battery regularly.


Understanding Your Device

Apart from the flavour of your e-liquid, the vapor you want, and the ideal throat hit, it is vital to know how your vape mod works.

If you are a beginner vaper wanting a tailored experience, it would be best to use a device that allows you to adjust the wattage settings according to your preference.

Such vape devices will give you the freedom to experiment with different flavours and vapor at different wattages, letting you find the wattage that fits you best.

Coil resistance varies from one device to another and can range anywhere between 0.1 to 3.0ohms.

Higher ohms will allow you to use a higher voltage and vice versa. For example, if you have a 2ohm coil, the average wattage to get an effective experience will be between 3 to 16 watts, or 3.3 to 4 volts.

It’s ultimately up to you to choose the correct wattage that your device can handle, taking both capability and your desired experience into account.

Several people, especially beginners, get a satisfactory vaping experience with 10 watts. As you gain more experience, you could find yourself gradually working up to 40 or 50 watts.

Advanced vapers generally use 50 to 75 watts when vaping, whilst many increase the wattage if they’re making tricks.

Remember, the more wattage you use, the shorter your battery and coil life. If your vape has a burnt taste, consider vaping at a lower wattage before you replace it.

Always make sure to regularly clean your device to get the best experience from it.



Many factors go into determining the right wattage for any given individual to vape at.

Your ideal wattage will depend on the device you use and the kind of effect or feeling you want to achieve, as well as the e-liquid you’re enjoying and practical concerns like battery life.

Once you know your device and its maximum and minimum wattage, you can experiment with the wattage levels to get the exact flavour, vapour, and hit that you prefer.

Determining the right wattage may not be a quick process, but it is an essential part to vaping. With this kind of experimentation you’ll soon find yourself at the perfect wattage, enjoying every hit from the first to the last.

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