CBD Disposable Vapes

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Our range of terpene infused, CBD disposable vape pens are one of the easiest, most delicious ways to get a powerful hit of cannabinoids. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Both types of disposables that we offer contain broad spectrum CBD. Our 1ml disposable contains natural terpenes. The 2ml disposable offers a combination of CBG.

Our disposables DO NOT contain any nicotine.

Occasionally during transit, or in storage, the liquid inside the device cancrystallise. This can most commonly be resolved by holding the device (specifically where the liquid is stored), and the body heat will warm it to liquid form again.

The charge should last the duration of your usage, however we have a built in micro USB charging point at the bottom of our 1ml disposable devices

Our 2ml 500mg disposables hold enough juice for roughly 600 puffs, with the 1ml 600mg vape pens offering roughly 700 puffs.

Our disposables WILL NOT make you feel high, regardless; we always recommend vaping responsibly.