Disposable CBD Vapes

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Explore our range of terpene-infused CBD disposable vape pens. Vaping CBD is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your dose of CBD. We stock a variety of different flavours, from fruity flavours to more traditional options - we have something for everyone here at Orange County CBD. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both of our disposable vapes contain broad-spectrum CBD. Whilst our 1ml disposable CBD vape contains natural terpenes, our 2ml CBD vape pens offer a combination of the highest quality CBD and CBG.

Our vapes are terpene-infused and offer a simple way of getting a powerful, yet calming hit of cannabinoids.

No - our CBD disposable vapes do not contain any nicotine. Some people use CBD vapes as a potential aid in quitting smoking by providing a smoking-like experience without the harmful effects of nicotine.

Occasionally during transit, or in storage, the liquid inside the device can crystallise. This can most commonly be resolved by holding the device (specifically where the liquid is stored), and the body heat will warm it to liquid form again.

The charge should last the duration of your usage. However, you can recharge our 1ml disposable devices using a USB lead. Each disposable CBD vape pen allows you to consume CBD both quickly and efficiently.

Our 2ml 500mg disposables hold enough juice for roughly 600 puffs, with the 1ml 600mg vape pens offering roughly 700 puffs.

If you’re an avid CBD taker, our 3500 puff CBD and CBG disposable vape device would be ideal for you. With a slightly higher dosage of CBD, 600mg to be exact, these vapes are paired with 400mg of CBG, too.

With an extensive amount of puffs, this vape could last you some time before you have to purchase your next CBD vape product.

No - our disposables will not make you feel high. You can trust that our CBD vaping devices contain zero traces of THC and will offer a positive vaping experience without feeling high.

Our CBD vapes are ideal if you’re seeking fast relief from symptoms like pain, anxiety, or insomnia. Not only do vapes offer much convenience, but our CBD vapes are portable and can be securely placed in your handbag or pocket.

They can also be a great way to stop smoking cigarettes or a replacement for nicotine vapes. 

CBD has a number of possible benefits, and many people who use CBD report positive effects. Our vape pen range comes in a selection of yummy flavours that allow simple access to a CBD hit. Vaping CBD can help you to feel calm and relaxed, reducing anxiety in some cases. 

Our disposable CBD vapes are straightforward to use; each pen is pre-filled with CBD vape juice. Simply take your vape out of its packaging, checking the back for all the relevant information you need to know. Once your vape is ready to use, you’ll be able to try your device.

We offer CBD vapes in a range of flavours including blueberry, energy drink, grape, mango, sour apple, mimosa, lemonade, cool menthol, and many more. You can purchase our strongest vape in Miami blueberry, kiwi, guava and passion fruit, milkshake, energy drink and pink lemonade. 

The rest of our collection of 1ml and 3ml vape pens are available in the remaining flavours. Much of the enjoyment of vaping CBD comes from the flavour you choose. 

When you inhale CBD, it enters your bloodstream through your lungs quite quickly. Most people feel the effects within 20 minutes, but this can vary depending on the person. Along with taking other CBD products such as CBD oil, you could expect to feel the effects much quicker.