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CBD Disposable Vapes

Our range of terpene infused, CBD disposable vape pens are one of the easiest, most delicious ways to get a powerful hit of cannabinoids. 

Why Choose Our

CBD Disposable Vapes

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Irresistible E Liquid Flavours

Our CBD disposable vape pens have been designed to recreate the tastes and smell of a huge range of different cannabis strains. 

Whether it's the sweet taste of Strawberry Kush, the fruity hit of Mimosa or the out-of-this world impact of Alien OG, our disposable CBD disposable vapes are packed with unique flavour. 

Made using authentic terpenes, you won't find flavours this good anywhere else on the market.

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Pre-Filled For Ease

Our CBD disposable vape pens were designed with ease of use in mind. 

Pre-filled and with no need for technical adjustments, these devices give you a powerful hit of cannabinoids in a single product. Even vaping novices can happily pick up our disposable CBD vapes and begin right away.

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Vaping On The Go

If you lead the kind of busy lifestyle that makes keeping a full vape topped up impossible, these disposables are the choice for you. 

Leak-proof, compact and without needing any extra vape juice, our CBD disposable vapes are the best way to get your hit of cannabinoids when you're on the go.

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Small But Powerful

Our CBD disposable vape pens may be small enough to fit in your pocket, but don't let that fool you. These disposable vapes pack a powerful punch, giving you a flavour-filled experience as potent as any CBD vape juice out there.

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