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CBD Bath Bomb Main Image
CBD Bath Bomb Main Image
CBD Bath Bomb In Box By Bath
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CBD Bath Bomb In Hand Over Bath
CBD Bath Bomb Over Bath

CBD Bath Bomb (150mg)

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CBD Face Cream Featured Image
CBD Face Cream Featured Image
CBD Face Cream Lid
CBD Face Cream Lifestyle & On Hand
CBD Face Cream In Womens Bag
CBD Face Cream Lab Report

350mg CBD Collagen Face Cream (50ml)

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CBD Muscle & Joint Balm Main Image
CBD Muscle & Joint Balm Main Image
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CBD Muscle & Joint Balm Leg & Knee Image
CBD Muscle & Joint Balm Lifestyle Image 2
CBD Muscle & Joint Balm Lab Report

800mg CBD Muscle & Joint Balm (50ml)

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Why Choose Our CBD Cream, Skincare & Topicals?

Here at Orange County CBD our priority is always quality.

Our range of CBD cream, skincare and topical products represent the absolute best in topical body care paired with authentic hemp extracts, and fills a wide range of self-care needs whilst bringing you that CBD goodness.

Below is an overview of each CBD skincare product in our range:

Muscle & Joint Rub

Designed with the best essential oils and natural extracts available, our CBD Muscle & Joint Balm gives you all the benefits of a high-quality topical rub along with a good dose of CBD.

Absorbed directly and naturally through the skin its active ingredients get to work exactly where you need them. With 800mg of CBD in every 50ml bottle, our CBD Muscle & Joint Balm will give you the best of both without compromising either.

Collagen Face Cream

Our Collagen CBD Face Cream carries the perfect balance between an uplifting topical and a good quality CBD infusion. With 350mg of CBD packed into every 50ml tub, you’re sure to get a significant concentration of CBD on every use.

Made from carefully selected, organic, entirely vegan ingredients, this face cream is the perfect CBD Topical for everyday use on naturally sensitive skin.

CBD Bath Bomb

Relaxation and the easing of tension is what the CBD industry is all about, so what better thing to pair it with than this classic stress-reliever? A hot, luxurious bath enhanced with one of our CBD Bath Bombs is sure soak away the stresses of a hard week.

Packing an impressive 150mg of broad-spectrum CBD into a citrus-smelling, Epsom salt and essential oil infused bomb, we’re bringing a respectable hit of CBD goodness to a well formulated indulgence.

With one of these fizzing away in your bath, you’ll be able to let go of that stress in moments.

Delivery & Shipping

Here at Orange County CBD we’re happy to have the custom of good people from all over the world.

We know that most of our customers reside in the UK, so we’re offering free delivery to UK addresses on orders of £25 or over.

Customers from outside the UK can enjoy free delivery at orders of £100 or more, including everything in our CBD Topicals range.

All shipping fees are calculated at the checkout.

CBD Cream, Skincare & Topicals Not For You?

CBD cream, skincare and topical products not quite your thing?

No problem!

Here at Orange County CBD we offer a wide range of CBD products, with everything from CBD vape juices and CBD oils that can be taken sub-lingually, to CBD gummies of all shapes and flavours.

With a wide range of products and intensities, check out our catalogue for the best chance of finding something to fit your tastes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Work For?

A topical application is one of the more gradual methods of dosing CBD. Although specifics depend on individual factors and the product in question, we can say that on average a CBD cream or skincare product will take up to an hour for its effects to be felt.

These effects will usually last somewhere between three and four hours, depending on application method, strength and body conditions. 

Can I Get High Or Overdose From CBD Cream, Skincare & Topicals?

No, it is impossible to get ‘high’ or overdose on any Orange County CBD products, including our CBD Topicals.

We follow the UK guidelines for CBD production, both to comply with legal requirements and to ensure that only the best products are reaching you.

This means that all our products contain less than 0.2% THC, the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis plants that get a person ‘high’.

CBD, the primary cannabinoid in our products, has no psychoactive properties and works instead in conjunction with the human nervous system.

As long as it is purchased from a reputable supplier, no CBD product on the market should contain any compounds that could get you ‘high’ or cause you to overdose.

Is It Safe For Me To Use CBD Cream, Skincare & Topicals?

CBD products are enjoyed by a wide range of people from all walks of life. There are however several conditions in which we advise you not to use any CBD products, including our CBD cream, skincare and topical products. Namely, these include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Being under the age of 18

We would never sell a CBD product to anyone under the age of 18.

If you are taking any kind of prescription medication, we urge you to consult with a doctor before utilising any CBD products.

Can I Get Addicted To CBD Cream, Skincare & Topicals?

In the same way that you cannot get high or overdose on any of our CBD products, you cannot get addicted to them either. Our products contain no intoxicating elements and therefore induce no significant chemical change within your body.

This means it is impossible to develop a chemical addiction to our CBD products, including our CBD cream, skincare and topical products.

It is possible to form a habitual addiction to CBD skincare products, but this would be a matter of habit rather than a chemical change within your body. 

How Long Will My CBD Cream, Skincare & Topicals Last For?

Judging how long any of our CBD creams, skincare or topical products will last is, of course, dependent on the product and how you use it. A daily used shampoo will be used up far quicker than a once-a-week muscle balm.

Each product will come with a set expiration date as well a shelf-life beginning with first use. These dates, based on the organic components within the product, can range from 6-12 months. As a rule a CBD skincare products will lose their potency after 2 years.

Where Does Our CBD Come From?

Whether destined for our CBD edibles or our CBD creams, all of our CBD is harvested from government-certified farms in the United States.

We use a cutting-edge CO2 process to extract our CBD, isolating those unwanted compounds and ensuring that only the most desired cannabidiols enter use.

Our products are stringently lab tested to ensure their quality. To see the results of our latest lab tests click here.

Will I Test Positive On A Drug Test If I Use CBD Cream, Skincare & Topicals?

Most conventional drug tests measure for the presence of THC, the psychoactive compound found in hemp plants.

As all of our products contains below 0.2% THC, a conventional drugs test will not give a positive result from the use of our CBD cream, skincare or topical products.

Some drugs tests do measure for other cannabinoids, including CBD. These tests would produce a positive result, however the use of CBD is entirely legal within the UK.

For regions outside the UK, please check your local laws and workplace rules regarding CBD use.

How Long Will CBD From Creams & Skincare Stay In My Body?

CBD cream and skincare products are a much more gradual way of receiving a CBD dose. This also means that processing the CBD out of your system will be more gradual.

Rather than being ingested or being taken sublingually, the cannabidiol in our CBD cream and skincare products enters the body via a transfollicular method, meaning through the hair follicles in the skin and scalp.

Although the effects will pass much more quickly research suggests that this CBD will stay in the body for 3-4 days, dependant on the individual’s metabolism and cell turnover.