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CBD Bundles

Wondering how to get started with CBD or just looking to get a great deal? Our CBD starter kits and CBD bundles are the perfect way to enjoy all of our finest products at their lowest possible price.

Why Choose Our

CBD Bundles

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Try 'Em All

Our huge product catelogue has something for everyone. If it’s CBD oil you’re looking for, our Ultimate CBD Oil Bundle gives you a taste of every full-spectrum oil we sell, with a delicious tub of CBD gummies thrown in too. 

For those looking to start vaping, our CBD Vape Kit gives you the option of choosing one oil from each of our CBD e liquid ranges alongside a top-of-the-line Aspire PockeX. 

If you’re a CBD fanatic and you want to try a bit of everything, our Large CBD Starter Kit gives you a taste of something from every last one of our ranges. Oils, e-liquids, gummies and topicals, this comprehensive CBD starter kit has it all.

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Perfect For Beginners

If you’re new to CBD, our bundles are the perfect place to start. 

Can't decide which CBD edibles to choose, our Gummies Starter Kit gives you all of our most popular gummies in handy grab bags, letting you decide your favourites without having to commit to a full tub. 

Our CBD Starter Kit series is designed to take you from your first taste of our multi-award winning gummies, through to something more middle ground as you become more seasoned, all the way to our expert-level products. 

With a different strength oil and different type of gummy in each kit, these give you an excellent taste of what CBD can offer.

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Great Savings on CBD

First and foremost our CBD bundles are designed to save you money. By selling some of our most popular products as a collection, we’re able to give our customers premium CBD products at the very best price. 

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The Perfect CBD Gift

Shopping for a regular CBD user? Our bundles and CBD start kits make the perfect gift! 

Whether it's an anniversary, a birthday, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, the very best of our CBD range is on offer at an excellent price. Our CBD Gummies Starter Kit is the perfect CBD stocking-filler, whilst the Ultimate CBD Oil Bundle makes for an excellent CBD hamper. Whatever the celebration, our bundles are the perfect choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CBD bundles?

Our bundles are the cheapest way to buy our multi award-winning CBD. By pairing together our most successful products we can offer them to you at a significantly reduced price, letting us serve our high quality CBD to more people than ever before.

If you’re looking for the best way to budget your CBD, or if you want to get your CBD journey off on the right foot, then our CBD Bundles are the perfect choice.

What are the best CBD bundles?

That depends on what you’re looking for! Here at Orange County, we offer a CBD bundle to suit everyone. 

Our Starter, Seasoned and Expert kits will serve you at every point on your CBD journey. Alternatively, if you want a comprehensive introduction to the world of CBD oils, our Ultimate Oil Bundle gives you the best of our full-spectrum range.

If edibles are more your speed, the Gummies Starter Kit gives you a selection of our finest CBD sweets. If you want to enter the world of CBD vaping, our CBD Vape Kit is the perfect starter set.

What is the best beginner CBD vape kit?

Our CBD Vape Kit gives you a powerful Aspire PockeX device along with a premium CBD vape juice from each of our vaping ranges. Which combination you choose, however, will be a matter of personal taste.

Both the Cali Range and the Vaping Bad line offer a wide selection of distinct flavours, from the cooling taste of menthol to the unique earthiness of Star Dawg. Whether you prefer to switch between two similar flavours or lean towards sharp contrasts, our CBD Vape Kit is the best way to try out both ranges and see what suits you best.

Can you take CBD & hemp oil together?

CBD oil and hemp oil are two distinct products. CBD oil is what you get when you extract CBD and other cannabinoids from a cannabis plant and mix it with a carrier oil. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is oil extracted from hemp seeds rather than the grown plant. 

Often low in CBD content, the benefits of hemp oil are largely focused on it being a traditional antioxidant and offering macronutrient effects rather than any endocannabinoid effects. Mixing CBD and hemp oil may bring some unexpected benefits, but it will more likely just dilute the impact of the CBD.

Are CBD bundles cheaper?

Yes! We’ve designed our bundles to bring you the best value for money possible, letting our loyal customers enjoy CBD their way. This goes hand in hand with the other reasons for designing our bundles: pairing up our top products to create truly unique CBD experiences.

Whether you’re stocking up on our entire range of full-spectrum oils or getting a taste of every one of our CBD gummies, our bundles will bring you the CBD experience you deserve at the most competitive of prices.

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