About Us

Orange County CBD was born in 2019 after two friends took a revolutionary trip to the Golden State, California. With the intention of finding the best quality hemp, our Directors searched far and wide for the luscious fields of green that we needed to revolutionise the European CBD market. After the development, production and launch of our brand, we have since become an international powerhouse, taking the CBD world by storm.

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The CBD industry is ever evolving and requires constant innovation to disrupt and excite the market. From infusing terpenes into our e-liquids to creating peel and reveal labels on our bottles, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We are not afraid to try new things to actively drive the industry we love forward.

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Diversity is at the core of our business, starting with our team. The celebration of our differences has contributed to creating an inclusive brand that focuses on providing a comfortable CBD journey for all demographics.

From CBD oils and CBD skin care to CBD gummies and CBD vape juices, we aim to provide an everyday solution that allows you to experiment with various exciting forms of CBD, just like our very own team.

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Quality Control

Quality is at the forefront of what we do here at Orange County CBD. It starts with quality CBD, and ours has been organically grown under the Californian sun, renowned for its ideal natural conditions.

We then extract, infuse and manufacture our products whilst adhering to CTA guidelines at our certified, state of the art facility to provide a variety of high-quality products. But don’t take our word for it, check out our lab reports which are printed on all products, giving our customers the transparency and trust they deserve.

Why You Can Trust Orange County CBD

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Awards & Recognition

We’re proud to say that we are the most decorated CBD manufacturer in the world. With Twenty Two industry awards recognising our success, we’ve shot to the forefront of the CBD market in just a few short years.

From notable events such as the Cannavist Awards and the Hemp and CBD Expo all the way to the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup, we’ve won the respect of some of the largest organisations in the CBD industry.

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CTA Member

The Cannabis Trade Association is a voluntary organisation that works with CBD manufacturers and government agencies to help facilitate communication and set industry standards.

At Orange County CBD we believe that reputation is just as important as quality. The amount of misinformation surrounding CBD is staggering, presenting a barrier of entry for those looking to enter the world of CBD. Fighting this misinformation and raising the reputation of the CBD industry is what the CTA is all about: a cause which we are proud to support.

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Privacy & Security

We take the safety of our customer’s data extremely seriously. That’s why our online store uses the absolute best in security measures to ensure that your information is in safe hands.

With 256-bit HTTPS encryption as well as point-to-point encryption, alongside fraud and threat threat detection, we maintain the best possible measures to protect your data. This includes everything from purchasing and browsing history to your delivery address and payment/card data.

When you buy your CBD from us you can shop with confidence.

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Customer Reviews

Our dedication to your CBD experience doesn’t stop at the checkout. We believe that the best way to improve our range is to listen to exactly what our customers have to say.

Customer reviews give us vital insight into what makes our range truly great. Whilst our many awards have given us an unrivalled status amongst our fellow industry leaders, it’s the overwhelming support of our customers that really lets us know we’ve done our job well.

What Our Customers Think

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200+ Reviews
Absolutely amazing service

Absolutely amazing service the products is the best I’ve ever had and they are easy to talk to and very informative about the products and any issues or questions you may have

Blue Octopus Vaping
Second to none!

Second to none, Orange County CBD deliver an outstanding experience from the offset! I ordered my products with ease! And was delighted to find delivery was quick and well packaged! As for the products... Amazing!

Danny Dennett
Excellent service and speedy delivery

Great value for money, easy-to-follow website, and easy ordering, delivery. Definitely using Orange County again and referring my friends to them.

Stuart Gill
Best CBD around

Amazing products, there delivery service is so quick and easy and they kept me up to date with the deliver. Highly recommend this company and there customer service is great I asked a question and they answered me straight away

Scouse Horrocks

Our History & Timeline

Orange County CBD Launches To The World

Orange County CBD launches to the world with two aims, produce the best CBD products in the world and help people improve their lives.

CBD Oil Range Launched

Orange County CBD launches its first range of CBD oils including a 6000mg oil which would go on to win numerous international awards and be a fan favourite across the globe.

CBD Gummies Range Launched

Orange County CBD launches its famous CBD gummy range which goes on to take the world by storm and win numerous international awards in the process. CBD gummies continue to be a best selling product to this very day.

'Vaping Bad' E-Liquid Range Launched

Orange County CBD launches its 'Vaping Bad' CBD e-liquid range which becomes an instant hit with customers and would firmly cement Orange County CBD's status as one of the most innovative CBD brands in the world.

CBD Pure Extract Launched

The CBD world goes crazy when Orange County CBD launches one of the most potent CBD pure extract products in the world.

New Website Launched & CTA Membership

Orange County CBD launches their first ever website selling direct to consumers. At the same time Orange County CBD also becomes a CTA member adding extra trust for its customers.

1st Employee Hired

With the growth of Orange County CBD continuing to go from strength-to-strength, investment in recruitment is made and the first employee is hired.

Orange County CBD Wins First Major Awards

The reward for all the hard-work comes as Orange County CBD wins its first major awards at the Hemp & CBD Expo. A total of 5 awards are won including '1st place' for the coveted 'Best Innovation' award.

Employee Headcount Increases To 5

Growth continues to soar and along with investment in production and customer service, big investment is made in recruitment with employee headcount now hitting 5.

Orange County CBD Wins 6th Major Award

The awards continue to flow in as Orange County CBD wins its 6th award and achieves '1st place' for 'Best CBD Gummies'.

Employee Headcount Increases To 10

Further investment in recruitment to help underpin the rapid growth and popularity of Orange County CBD. Employee headcount now hits 10.

Cannabis Inspired 'Cali Range' E-Liquid Range Launched

Orange County CBD launches its now infamous 'Cali Range' of cannabis inspired e-liquids. This product range would go on to establish Orange County CBD as a major CBD brand across the globe.

Orange County CBD Cleans-Up At The Cannavist Awards

On top of its recent award wins, Orange County CBD cleans-up at the prestigious Cannavist awards scooping 6 awards on the night including '1st place' for the coveted 'Product Of The Year' award. Other 1st place awards are received for 'Best Tincture' and 'Best Vape'.

Orange County CBD Wins Big At EcigClick Awards

Another big award is won at the EcigClick awards with Orange County CBD performing well in the 'Best CBD E-Liquid' category.

Orange County CBD Wins Gold At Canex Awards

Following on from big wins at the Cannavist and EcigClick awards, Orange County CBD wins its 15th international award by achieving 'Gold' for 'Best CBD Edibles'. This and recent award wins firmly cement Orange County CBD as one of the best CBD brands in the world.

Orange County CBD FSA Application Success

Orange County CBD's employee count reached 25 after expanding their manufacturing facilities and marketing departments.

Employee Headcount Increases To 25

Orange County CBD is successful in its FSA application. This ensures Orange County CBD adheres to strict Government legislation adding further trust and quality for its customers.

Orange County CBD Takes The USA By Storm

Orange County CBD makes the CBD world sit up and take notice as its the only UK CBD brand to win an award at the coveted 'High Time Cannabis Cup'. This firmly cements Orange County CBD as one of the best CBD brands in the USA.

Awards Keep Rolling In For Orange County CBD

More awards keep flowing in for Orange County CBD as it wins its 17th and 18th awards respectively at the Cannalabs Steel Experience awards

Orange County CBD Becomes Most Decorated CBD Brand

Orange County CBD is now the most highly decorated CBD brand in the world with a total of 22 awards so far and '1st place' awards for a variety of different categories. Orange County CBD continue to focus on product quality and customer service as they move closer to 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Deserve My Business?

We are one of the most successful CBD manufacturers in the world. With a wide selection of industry awards and overwhelmingly positive reviews, our CBD will always be the best.

What Makes Your Product Or Service Different?

We understand the importance of pairing flawless quality with a satisfying range of choice. All of our CBD products go through the most stringent quality checks before they ever get near to our catalogue.

Can You Help Me Figure Out What I Need?

Your CBD experience will always be personal, determined by your own needs and your own unique tastes. Our vast catalogue has something for everyone and our customer support team is always on hand to lend you their expertise.

What Do I Do If I Have A Problem With My Purchase?

We check every single order before it leaves our warehouse but sadly mistakes can always happen. Please get in touch with our customer support team if you have any issues and we will work hard to resolve them.

What Makes You The Experts In The CBD Field?

Our company was founded with years of collective CBD experience and a respect for innovation. This combination has helped us to stay on the absolute cutting edge of the CBD industry.

Can I Trust You?

Trust is a huge part of any industry and CBD is no exception. Between our flawless reputation, our expert knowledge and our stringent lab tests, our products are considered by many in the CBD community as the best and the highest of quality.

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