About Us

Orange County CBD was born in 2019 after two friends took a revolutionary trip to the Golden State, California. With the intention of finding the best quality hemp, our Directors searched far and wide for the luscious fields of green that we needed to revolutionise the European CBD market. After the development, production and launch of our brand, we have since become an international powerhouse, taking the CBD world by storm.

Where it all began

While searching for the Holy Grail of hemp across the US, our two co-founders discovered what they were looking for in the Golden State – field upon luscious field of the highest quality organically grown plants in existence. There and then they knew the Orange County CBD brand would become one of the leading CBD manufacturers in the world, disrupting the European CBD market to become the go-to CBD brand for millions of consumers.

United we stand

It’s our mission to bring together our team, customers, ambassadors, and partners as a single community of change-makers, because we know to go further, we must go together. Since day one, we’ve wanted our legacy to always be about leaving people, places, communities, and the planet better off than the way we found them. Through the CBD world’s first-ever corporate social responsibility initiative – OC Community – we’re driving positive change, and empowering people to have their best days ever.

Revolutionising an already revolutionary market

Orange County CBD’s mission has always been to normalise the day-to-day use of CBD products for millions across the globe. You can’t have such a lofty goal without having the highest standards of integrity, ingredients, and manufacturing processes. That’s why as part of our robust Quality Management System, we trace all our products’ ingredients back to their origin, including batches, suppliers, and internal inputs; in short everything we do can be traced back to source from seed to shelf.


Our History & Timeline


Frequently Asked Questions

We are one of the most successful CBD manufacturers in the world. With a wide selection of industry awards and overwhelmingly positive reviews, our CBD will always be the best.

We understand the importance of pairing flawless quality with a satisfying range of choice. All of our CBD products go through the most stringent quality checks before they ever get near to our catalogue.

Your CBD experience will always be personal, determined by your own needs and your own unique tastes. Our vast catalogue has something for everyone and our customer support team is always on hand to lend you their expertise.

We check every single order before it leaves our warehouse but sadly mistakes can always happen. Please get in touch with our customer support team if you have any issues and we will work hard to resolve them.

Our company was founded with years of collective CBD experience and a respect for innovation. This combination has helped us to stay on the absolute cutting edge of the CBD industry.

Trust is a huge part of any industry and CBD is no exception. Between our flawless reputation, our expert knowledge and our stringent lab tests, our products are considered by many in the CBD community as the best and the highest of quality.