How To Do Vape Tricks

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how to do vape tricks

Playing around and doing vape tricks is one of the most exciting things about vaping. If you've witnessed vapers showing off their skills, you'll agree it's a contagious exercise.

It's an art display that makes you want to try the tricks yourself.

Whether you are just starting out or want to advance the vape tricks you already know, we'll teach you some fun ways to do them.

First though, there are several things that go into successful vaping tricks. Top on the list is how much vapor your vape pen can produce.

Unlike cigarettes that produce thin smoke, vape pens provide fuller vapor that even a novice can use to display attractive vape tricks.

To start you off we’ll explore some technical requirements that will make these tricks all the easier, before going into some tricks that are perfect for a new starter.

What You Need In Your Vape Pen

Not all vape pens produce the clouds you’ll need to perform vape tricks. To produce more vapor and stay safe you may need to make a few adjustments to your usual routine.

Using vape juice without any nicotine is a good way to start, as the increased inhalation that comes with doing tricks could both make you dizzy and give you too harsh a throat-hit.

You might also want to avoid flavoured vape juice during your practice until you’ve mastered the tricks. It’s also a good idea to use high VG e-liquid rather than a high PG vape juice, as this will also produce larger clouds.

Once you’ve picked out the right vape juice, you’ll need to make sure that your hardware is up to the task.

Consider upgrading to a high-power vape device with a higher wattage than usual, as these produce the largest clouds.

It might also be worth investing in a higher quality atomizer tank; specifically rebuildable atomizers or sub-ohm tanks, as these will be able to handle harder and more frequent use without the need for constant maintenance or coil replacement.

You may also want to consider switching to a coil that contains multiple wires.

When you’re confident that you have that perfect device to go with your perfect e-liquid, there are a few basic techniques you can practice to help make the tricks themselves easier.

It’s good to learn how to inhale and hold the vapor in your mouth in order to give you maximum control over those clouds. You should also consider increasing the airflow over your coil, as this will help to cool the vapour in those larger clouds and avoid uncomfortable hits.

Last of all, consider practicing your tricks in a room with good lighting and a little less airflow than usual in order to see your tricks as clearly as possible, however, we should point out that you should always take proper precautions when vaping inside.

Top Vape Tricks For Starters

Now that you have the basic technical requirements for vape tricks down, let’s explore some of the best tricks to start out with.

Once you know how to do vape tricks like these you’ll be able to build up your skill, get some experience and eventually shoot for those truly impressive tricks.

Vape Trick: The Ghost Hit

The Ghost Hit (also known as the Mushroom Cloud or Snap Inhale) is a handy first trick that you should learn as a novice vape trickster.

It's one of the easiest for beginners to learn and teaches you the basic principles that go into more advanced tricks.

You just need to inhale a cloud of vapor into your mouth (not into your lungs), hold it there for a few seconds and then let it out gently, being sure not to push it too far from your face.

As soon as the cloud is out of your mouth, suck it back in rapidly to create that ‘mushroom’ shape.

Vape Trick: The Waterfall

The Waterfall is another easy trick that anyone can do.

Just like the 'ghost hit' trick above, suck in a mouthful of vapor and let it linger in there for a few seconds.

Move your face a couple of centimetres from a flat surface, then let the cloud flow slowly onto that surface.

Let it come out naturally without any hard exhale.

This will create a thick cloud that stays there for a few seconds.

Alternatively, inhale the vapor and fill it directly into a bottle, then afterwards pour it out onto a flat surface.

Vape Trick: The French Inhale

You might have heard the French Inhale also called the Irish Waterfall.

It's hands-down one of the most popular vape tricks out there, being both impressive and relatively straightforward.

Start by inhaling vapor into your mouth and letting it linger for a few seconds.

Then, gradually let the vapor flow outside your mouth with your lower jaw extended to direct the cloud toward your nose.

Push the vapor out using your tongue, slowly moving from the back of your mouth towards the front.

As the vapor flows out inhale it through your nose, creating a kind of reverse-waterfall effect.

Vape Trick: The Tornado

The Tornado is a more advanced waterfall.

With this trick we introduce the use of your hand.

Suck vapor into your mouth and hold it for a few seconds, before letting it flow onto a flat surface to create a floating mist.

Put your hand into the cloud and rapidly scoop the vapor upward to create a tornado effect.

When you move your hand, keep it vertical with your thumb on the upper side, then turn your palm upward to scoop the vapor into a tornado.

You can also perform this trick using a bottle.

Vape Trick: The O-Shape

The O Shape is a trick that has been around for many years, an old smoking trick that predates vaping itself.

Most people think of it as nice and easy, but it requires diligent practice to master.

You form an O-shape by dragging in as much vapor as possible into your mouth.

Lay your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth and then curve the lips into an O shape.

Cough gently, drawing the motion from your throat, to push the air out through that O in the lips.

Once you have the basic technique down try pushing the boundaries to make it a little more impressive, adding speed or use your tongue to launch it far away from you.

Vape Trick: The Dragon Cloud

The Dragon might look complicated, but when you get down to it the technique is straightforward.

The key is to practice and learn to use the muscles in your face with care.

Take in a mouthful of vapour (without fully inhaling) and use your tongue to seal the centre of your lips.

Then, blow out the cloud through your nostrils and the sides of your mouth at the same time.

Unlike the tricks we've discussed above, this requires a fair bit of force and a good lung capacity.

Some people can shut their lips without using their tongue and still keep the corners open, so try it a few different ways when you’re practicing.

With this technique more than any of the others, it’s practice that makes perfect.

Vape Trick: The Bull Ring

If you know how to blow O's, another cool trick you can easily pull off is the Bull Ring.

Just as a ring is hooked into a bull’s nose, you "hook" yours with a ring of vapor.

Fill your mouth with vapor and blow a medium-sized O close to your face.

Lean forward and gently inhale the ring from its top-end through your nose, being careful not to fully inhale it.

Try practicing this one in front of a mirror to see how you are faring.


Doing tricks with vapour is another way to get a kick from your vaping experience, one that goes beyond just the taste and hit of your favourite e-liquid.

The tricks we’ve showed you above are just the beginning when it comes to vape tricks, giving you a solid set of skills to master before coming up with your own creative patterns and designs.

This creativity is what makes vaping great, with personal efforts and innovation being the driving force behind the vaping world since its inception. Your success in these tricks, and your own creations, lies in how many times you practice.

If you follow the instructions we’ve given you you’ll be able to build your skills, showcase your abilities to your friends and before long you’ll be pulling tricks with the best of them.


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