What Is Sub OHM Vaping?

What is sub ohm vaping?

Like most things, vaping technology is growing at a rapid rate.

If you look back in time, the vape industry has come a long way from the common ‘pen kits’ you would (and still) see in your local retail store.

We find ourselves spending hours on the internet researching the latest vape tech for something new to come along the next week!

Regardless, we believe sub-ohm vaping will be here for a long time, so we’ve put everything to need to know all in one place in this article.

Read below to find out what sub ohm vaping is.

What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?

The answer is simple, if the resistance of the vape coil is below 1 ohm then you’ve got yourself a cloud blowing, sub ohm capable device.

For the best results, it’s also suggested that your vape mod has a minimum wattage of at least 35 watts.

Sub Ohm Science

Sub ohm vaping is all about resistance and physics.

In a lot simpler times, having a bigger tank and increasing the power of your device was an adequate way to increase cloud production

Enter sub ohm vaping!

When you lower the resistance of your coil, you’ll be able to use a much thicker wire and a higher-powered battery.

Combined with good airflow and a high VG e-liquid you’ve got a magic recipe to massive clouds.

Man covered in a big vape cloud from a sub ohm vape

Is Sub Ohm Safe?

Firstly, if you’re a beginner we would always recommend avoiding sub ohm vaping.

It’s super important to understand all the kit you’re working with to avoid malfunction.

Of course, it’s an option to build your own sub ohm setup but we do not condone this unless you’re a very experienced vaper.

Instead, we suggest you speak to an expert and get your hands on pre-built sub ohm kit.

This will mean you can get the best experience possible from your vape with the ease of pre-built coils.

Remember to be on alert with your equipment.

Man facepalming after vaping accident

Types Of Vaping

To further expand and help you understand what sub ohm vaping is. let’s talk about the two main types of vaping, DTL AND MTL. 

Here’s a breakdown.

  • Mouth to Lung – Vaping MTL is a similar experience to smoking a cigarette. You take a drag of the vapour through your mouth and inhale into your lungs. This way of vaping is more suited towards you if you’re interested in vaping e-liquid with high nicotine content.
  • Direct to Lung – Vaping DTL is when you inhale the vapour ‘directly to your lung’ without letting it remain in your mouth.

When you vape sub ohm devices, they inhale direct to lung.

DTL is a much more intense method for many, but this allows bigger clouds and much richer tasting e-liquid flavour.

Infographic explaining the difference between mouth to lung vaping and direct to lung.

Don’t Forget Your E-Liquid!

So, let’s say you’ve decided to make that switch to sub ohm vaping, what’s the most suitable liquid for you?

If you’re interested in cloud chasing, liquids high in VG and low in PG are perfect for producing large clouds.

Now if you’re not particularly bothered and just want to go with your liquid of choice, we suggest avoiding e-liquids with high PG content as many find this too harsh on the inhale.

Also, from the information we’ve found you’ll have no problem vaping CBD e-liquids in a sub ohm setup.


So, now you’ve (hopefully) learnt everything you need to know about sub ohm vaping, you should be able to safely enjoy it!

Just remember to pick the right device and e-liquid for your needs and you’ll be bound to notice the difference.

If you have any questions about sub ohm vaping, drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you with any info you need.

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