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Why Does My Vape Leak?

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Why Does My Vape Leak?

When vapers tell us of their vaping ordeals, one of the common problems encountered is a leaking tank.

Whether due to the loss of vape juice or the potential stain of a spill a leaking tank can be a nightmare to deal with.

Though any vaper can suffer from a leaking vape tank, it tends to happen more to new vapers simply due to making a few basic mistakes.

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to prevent e-liquid leaks.

In most instances, leaking happens when the vape juice escapes from the tank through the airflow system. It can range from a few drops to a huge loss of gushing juice.

If you are losing your juice to a leak, here is what you need to know.


Causes And Prevention

Troubleshooting your device to find out what is causing a leak is relatively straightforward.

Once you know how your vaping device works and the various parts it has, you will know how to identify the problem of your broken vape quickly and fix it with minimal effort.

A leak can be caused by a wide range of issues, so we will detail each one and give you a quick guide on how to resolve them.

Improper Tank Filling

This is one of the most common causes of leaking e-liquid.

When you fill your tank, it is crucial that you do so carefully without spilling any juice into the chimney. The chimney is the tube that carries the vapour into the mouthpiece.

Spilling juice into the chimney will cause the tank to gurgle and leak as you use it. If you accidentally spill juice into the chimney, clean it properly using a paper towel before you vape.

To fill your tank correctly, tilt it at a 45 degree angle to ensure that the juice stays as far away from the chimney as possible. Gradually straighten out the tank as it fills up. 

Damaged O-Ring

The O-ring is a rubber ring that is located at the top and bottom of the tank. When the rings are worn out, broken, or missing, the juice will leak.

A damaged O-ring compromises the tank's watertight seal. Therefore it is essential that you take apart the O-rings and examine them for damages.

If they are faulty in any way, replace them immediately with new ones. Ensure you use quality rings and get the right size for your specific device.

Poor Airflow

When filling the tank, you should ensure that all the airflow holes are fully closed. Many vaping devices will include an adjustable airflow ring that can be easily sealed.

It is also worth noting that an over-filled tank can interfere with airflow availability and cause a leak.

The availability of air in the tank creates a vacuum that holds the liquid in the chamber more effectively.

Allowing the airflow to open when you vape enables you to inhale without using too much force, meaning that you can avoid putting too much juice into the coil and causing a leak. 

Holding The Device In A Horizontal Position

If you frequently store or hold your device in a horizontal position, your vape is likely to leak.

When the vaping device is placed horizontally for a long time the juice will leak out through its airflow holes and pool in the mouthpiece, causing leakage.

To prevent this, try to keep your tank upright at all times, particularly when you are not using it.

If you carry your vape in a bag try leaving it in a tighter pocket or propped up to keep it from falling over.

Faulty Or Wrong Coils

If your coil cannot hold the juice as it should, it will cause the tank to leak. You should always check to ensure that your coil is not burnt out or faulty.

To avoid leaks, replace a worn out or old coil immediately and ensure that you screw it in correctly.

It is also important to use a compatible coil for your device, so be certain that the connectors are correct and that your coil’s wattage is supported by your device.

Wrong Vape Juice

If your coil head requires a lot of power, using a vape juice with less than 70% VG can potentially cause a leak. This is because PG is thin and may not vaporise fully due to a lower power device.

In general, juices that are heavily PG-based tend to leak more than VG-based juices.

Cloud chasers should use a juice with a higher VG content. Though it can be possible to prevent the leak by using extra wicking material, the best way to avoid it is to ensure that the juice you use has a higher VG content.

It is worth noting that higher resistance coils that are over 1ohm are ideal for juices with a higher PG concentration, while lower resistance coils below 1ohm should use juices with a higher VG concentration.

Poor Maintenance

It is vital to check, clean and fix your device regularly. This includes cleaning the chimney, especially the drip tip and the coil.

Cleaning the tank helps to remove e-liquid residue that can affect its air seal, which leads to leaks. Clean the tank with cold water and allow it to air dry before using it.

You also need to check the tanks for cracks or any other signs of damages. Having hairline cracks on the glass means that the tank is not watertight and will allow the juice to leak out.

Replace the glass or any other damaged or worn out part of the device immediately. To prevent cracks, you may want to use a vape band as they offer the glass some additional protection.


Cross-threading occurs when screwed components do not line up correctly. Though it is important to ensure that every component of your vaping device is fastened together, you should be careful not to cross-thread the top cap.

Joints where the base of the coil meets the tank or where the coil meets the atomizer can leak when not properly fastened.

Take your time to ensure that the threads are in sync, closed tightly, and that there is no cross-threading. Remember not to over-tighten either as this can cause gradual stress damage to your device.

Lack Of A Top Cap

Leaving the tank without the top cap will cause the juice to leak out through the airflow holes.

Vape tanks are pressurised to allow the vapour to escape easily, however this will mean that leftover e-liquid will be slowly pulled out of the tank if not sealed...If you want to leave the cap off, ensure that the tank is empty when you do.



These are some of the most common causes of vape leaks and a few quick tips on how to prevent them.

Always start with the simple solutions before moving on to more drastic measures to deal with a leak, as the vast majority of the time this will be enough to fix the problem.

If you are still unable to fix the leak, you should consider replacing the whole tank or investing in a new device altogether.

Alternatively many vaping shops offer repair services for certain devices, however the nature of the leak could be beyond even their capabilities to repair.

Whatever kind of leak you’re facing, don’t let it stop you from enjoying your vaping experience. With these tips you should be able to troubleshoot the root cause of your vape leaking and apply the best solution.

Vapes are tricky devices and there will always be one or two issues that continue to crop up no matter how good you get.

So long as you remember these key steps and take good care of your equipment, you’ll be able to enjoy your vape for many years to come.

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