How Long Should You Wait Between Vapes?

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How Long Should You Wait Between Vapes?
Regardless of experience within the vaping world, “how long should you wait between vapes?” is often the question on the tip of many vaper’s tongues.

Whether you’re a cannabinoid vaping connoisseur, completely new to the scene, or somewhere in between, it’s vital that you get the most out of your vaporiser and, more importantly, enjoy the vaping experience you expect to have.

Here at Orange County CBD, we’ve made it part of our mission to address topics that are yet to be answered.

So…how long should you wait between vapes?

This long-neglected question is not only incredibly important when it comes to device maintenance, but also for your own personal wellbeing when vaping.

The nature of this question is obviously open ended and somewhat subjective… So, to simplify things, we have compartmentalised this article into the two most important elements worthy of discussion: Health and Hardware.

Is The Time You’re Waiting Between Vapes Affecting Your Health?

The health information surrounding how long you should wait between vapes is somewhat limited and a little unclear. At Orange County CBD, we want to give you a more thorough answer, and clear a few things up.

The following info regarding how long you should wait between vapes should put your mind at ease, so you feel like your head’s not stuck in the clouds.

As we’re sure you’re aware, rare conditions can occur when inhaling ANY substance. Bearing this in mind, we encourage you to act with caution when selecting your chosen vape juice and vape.

Currently, there is no conclusive health guidance online suggesting the time you wait between vapes is either good or bad for your health.

Another factor worthy of consideration is the potential of injuring yourself when chain vaping. This may seem like somewhat of an unusual point… but let us explain: If you’re vaping with a coil at a high wattage it’s more than likely your vape will increase in temperature.

Although this is rare, if you continue to vape and don’t allow enough time for your vaporiser to cool, there is a chance you could burn yourself.

Is The Time You’re Waiting Between Vapes Damaging Your Vaporisers?

In short, the answer is yes.

How long you wait between vapes is a factor that could potentially damage your vaporiser. Like any device, overuse can result in damage.

Why rip a big hole in your pocket, when you can rip clouds, care free?

On this note, chain vaping is one of the main causes of a damaged coil. Taking numerous hits of your vaporiser within a relatively short space of time (around 5 seconds) will dry out your vaporiser’s wick, ultimately causing it to burn and deteriorate.

Waiting between vaping will save your device, save you the hassle, and ultimately save you having to buy a replacement.

How you vape is your own personal choice. With that in mind, if you wish to consistently vape this way, we encourage you to recognise the signs of a burning coil:

  • Off tasting e-liquid
  • Strange ‘gurgling’ sounds
  • Lack of vapor
  • A noticeable burning taste
  • Liquid in mouth
  • Burnt Lips (From Heat)

How Long Should You Wait Between Vapes?

What’s The Best Time To Wait Between Vapes?

From all the information and guidance online, we have found that it’s suggested that you wait around 40 seconds in between vapes for both protection of health and equipment.

Can I Chain Vape?

If you’re keen on ‘chasing the white dragon’ and chain vaping, it’s suggested you wait at least 5 seconds between vapes to protect your equipment but take caution and allow your vape time to cool afterwards.

Whether you’re the kind of person whose head is in a fog, losing track of how many pulls you’ve taken, or you’re a chain vaping advocate who can’t stop ‘chasing the white dragon’, it’s imperative that you moderate how long you wait between vapes.

It’s suggested that you should wait at least 5 seconds between vapes to protect your equipment, but always toke with caution and allow your vape time to cool afterwards.

You wouldn’t want to go into a situation hot-headed – so why overheat your vape? Wait between vapes and you’ll get the most out of your experience.

Keeping Your Device Cool For Chain Vaping:

If you’re the kind of person who is super eager (we know that feeling) and want to lower the time you have to wait between vapes, consider these preventative measures in order to keep your kit cool:

  • Keep your e-liquid in a cool and dry place.
  • Make your vape is not kept in direct sunlight or a hot/humid location.
  • Remove coil gunk from your vape coil. 
  • Using high VG liquid? Consider switching to a lower VG liquid or using a sub-ohm vape.

Following our guidance?

Your device is still getting hot?

Feel like we’re blowing hot air?

Don’t panic!

When chain vaping, it’s completely normal for your kit to get hot. As long as you’re mindful of the guidance given, take the right precautions and wait between vapes, you shouldn’t have any major problems.



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