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What Are The Best Flavour Concentrates For Vaping?

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What Are The Best Flavour Concentrates For Vaping?
Flavour concentrates are one of those interesting additions to the vape industry that betrays its original roots. Back in the day avid enthusiasts weren’t content with the limited range of E-liquids available on the market, so they started cooking up their own to enjoy.

After a while the manufacturers noticed and, instead of trying to shut down these home-brew efforts, they took the steps to make it a little safer and easier.

Flavour concentrates are essentially just the flavourings that go into E-liquids without any of the other elements. Instead of being diluted in PG (Propylene Glycole) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and mixed with either nicotine or CBD, we’re getting the raw flavourings and nothing else.

When paired with these other ingredients, some mixing equipment and a pair of experienced hands, the best flavour concentrates for vaping will let an amateur E-liquid cook try their hand at making their own stuff.

Why Would I Want Concentrates?

There are some tricky elements to using flavour concentrates, least of all the requirement to mix it first.

You can’t vape pure flavour concentrate for the same reason you can’t chug squash straight out of the bottle.

It’s not exactly dangerous, but it will taste awful and probably won’t do your vape coil any favours.

As a means of expanding your vape juice selection, however, flavour concentrates are full of potential. The chance to experiment means you could always have something new to try out, mixing unusual or hard-to-obtain flavours.

With an average bottle size of 30ml and with how much you’d use to make a batch, you’ll have plenty of flavour to fuel your experiments.

If you’re not aiming to push the boundaries of vaping possibility but just want a good, solid flavour, these are a solid way of doing that too.

The pre-mixed nature of flavour concentrates means the balance on them is already perfect, giving you a cheaper alternative to flavoured E-liquids if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Even the best flavour concentrates for vaping certainly aren’t for everyone.

Comparing them to something like a CBD booster is a little disingenuous: this isn’t a simple mix-and-shake procedure. Flavour concentrates occupy that niche of the vaping world that needs a good amount of time and effort to get something out of.

However, if you’re up for the work of mixing your own liquid and are thrilled by the possibility of what you could do with all that potential, read on for an outline of the mixing process and to find out what the community thinks are the best flavour concentrates for vaping in 2021.

Mixing & Matching Concentrates

As we said mixing flavour concentrates is more complex than adding boosters to an E-liquid. Instead you need the raw ingredients of an E-liquid; PG, VG, and if you want it, nicotine or CBD.

Some mixing equipment is also required, namely mixing beakers, syringes, scales, empty bottles and a pair of safety gloves.

Everything will get mixed together in the beaker, with the syringes there for extraction and bottling. Strictly speaking the order of mixing doesn’t matter: the tricky part is figuring out the ratio.

Depending on consistency, strength, the concentration of your active element (nicotine or CBD) and the particular flavour you’re going for, the ratio will differ.

Some mixers suggest that between 5% and 10% of the overall E-liquid should be made of that flavour concentrate, whilst others insist that between 15% and 20% is the only way to go.

Once the E-liquid is mixed you’ll need to steep it, advisably for a week or two.

While it steeps flavour quality should increase and the E-liquid itself will reach a good consistency. It doesn’t need any particular storage requirements, just wherever you usually keep your E-liquids.

Somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight is preferable, so an out-of-the-way cupboard is perfect.

Many guides claim to have found the perfect formula for home mixed E-liquid, but in all honesty it’s a matter of trial and error. Once you have the hang of creating a good initial formula, personal tastes will dictate largely what you consider to be a success or a failure.

We won’t pretend to have the secret to the perfect home-brew here. We will advise that you make sure your measurements are spot on and you keep good notes of amounts, times and processes as you go.

As frustrating as failure can be, it would be worse to have one great success that you then can’t replicate.

Best Flavour Concentrates

When it comes to the best flavour concentrates for vaping, we can tell from the market alone which ones are most popular.

Certain flavours seem to be a classic amongst vapers, consistently popular every year and always at the top of seller lists.

Anything sweet with a citrus twist is always a hit, usually orange or tangerine with some hint of cream or honey. Alongside this are berries of every stripe, often accompanied with a hint of menthol but just as often paired with aniseed or even eucalyptus.

Some people go in with apple or strawberry as a pair of eminently recognisable flavours, whilst the classic mint is always popular across the community.

Slightly more complex flavours are also out there, often pineapple, banana and peanut butter, filling the needs of those who want a little more complexity from their E-liquids.

As for the other elements of a flavour concentrate, most reputable sellers will offer you a well-balanced product with no particular part of the flavouring out of proportion to any other.

If measured correctly, a good quality flavour concentrate should mix with the other ingredients of an E-liquid without issue.

The most we can advise is for you to, as with any product, be certain of the reputability of your supplier to avoid disappointment.



So today we’ve gone over the best flavour concentrates for vaping, their interesting place in the vaping world and what it allows our enthusiastic amateur cooks to do.

We’ve given you an overview of how the mixing process works, what you’d need to get your own E-liquid brewing, and given you a few pointers on popular flavours to get you started.

Mixing up your own E-liquids is definitely a more niche part of vaping; it’s time-consuming and takes practice to get right, but if it’s something you love then there’s never been a better time to do it.

More in-depth guides to the process and the received wisdom of practitioners are available all across the internet, whilst manufacturers continue to provide the raw concentrates of popular E-liquid flavours to better and better quality.

With the raw ingredients coming relatively cheaply and the equipment easy to source, you’ll soon be mixing up your own batches in no time.

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