Let’s Talk About CBD Muscle Rub

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Let’s talk about CBD muscle rub

You may have heard a lot about CBD oil, gummies, and vape e-liquids, but have you heard about CBD muscle rub?

Used by a growing number of those with an active lifestyle, from joggers, team sport participants, and gym-goers to professional athletes, CBD muscle rubs are gaining popularity. We take a closer look at the ‘what?’ and ‘why?’ to help you find out if this kind of product is something you could potentially benefit from.


What is CBD muscle rub?

CBD muscle rub is essentially a cream that is infused with CBD and can be applied topically after exercise to muscles and areas of the body that have been used during your workout or exertion.

CBD muscle rubs will generally contain other ingredients that can work together to offer benefits such as soothing sore muscles, helping aid circulation (when massaged into the affected area) and nourishing the skin.


Who can use CBD muscle rub?

CBD muscle rubs are designed so that they can be used by anyone over the age of 18 who wants to incorporate CBD into their post-exercise routine.

Available in convenient small bottles that can be easily slipped into a gym bag or kit bag, CBD muscle rubs have been developed so that they are easy to use straight after a workout or other strenuous exercise.


Can CBD help with DOMS?

DOMS stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and refers to the aches, pains and discomfort that many people feel a few hours or even days after strenuous exercise.

It’s caused by the minute amount of damage done to muscles as we exercise and can sometimes last for several days as those muscles recover and are repaired by the body.

While research into the medical benefits of CBD is ongoing, early trials and studies indicate some promising potential in the areas of inflammation, pain and even fatigue, all of which could make a big difference to a post-workout or activity experience and the days that follow.

There are some high-profile athletes and sports stars who incorporate CBD into their training and recovery routines, including boxers Josh Taylor and April Hunter, along with US Women’s Soccer legend, Megan Rapinoe, amongst many others.


Which CBD muscle rub should I choose?

It’s important to choose a CBD muscle rub from a reputable stockist for a number of reasons to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you should be in terms of the quality of ingredients and CBD in the cream, responsible sellers and clear packaging with appropriate instructions for use. A high-quality CBD muscle rub should have the following information available before you buy:

  • The source of the CBD should be clear i.e. which country it originates in and the process by which it is extracted from the cannabis plant
  • There should be third party test results available to show exactly what you’re getting
  • An ingredients list, so that you can see everything that is incorporated into the product. Ideally you would want a CBD muscle balm with complementary ingredients, such as essential oils
  • The strength or potency of the CBD in the muscle balm should be clear, as this is important for keeping track of the dose of CBD you get from each application

At Orange County CBD, our range of CBD muscle rubs include all of this information and more, so you can be sure that you’re buying a high-quality product.


How to use CBD muscle rub for fitness recovery

CBD muscle rub can be applied topically to specific areas of the body, such as muscle groups and joints, either just before or after exercising. Simply apply and massage into the skin as you would any muscle balm, which helps the CBD to be absorbed more quickly by the body through the skin.

You can warm the CBD muscle rub in your hands before applying if you wish, then apply directly to the skin in the areas you wish.

The amount of CBD contained in your CBD muscle rub is important to note, as this will help you ensure that you use an appropriate amount as part or all of your usual dose of CBD.

As with any CBD product, if you’re new to CBD, the recommendation is that you start with a low dose i.e., only apply the muscle rub in small amounts and can gradually increase over time if required.


Safety and side effects

As with any new skin product you use, it’s recommended that you do a patch test before applying CBD muscle rub for the first time to ensure that you don’t have a negative reaction or experience irritation. If you already have an existing skin condition, it’s important that you speak to your dermatologist before using any CBD muscle rub to ensure it is appropriate for you.

CBD muscle rub shouldn’t be applied to broken skin and should not be used in the eye area. It’s important to wash your hands after an application to ensure you don’t accidently get any in your eyes.

CBD muscle rub is designed to be applied topically to skin only and should not be ingested.


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