How To Vape Rings

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How To Vape Rings

Want to know how to vape rings? At Orange County CBD we've got you covered! So, without further a do, let's talk about vaping, CBD and blowing those elusive rings from your smoke!

Vaping devices of every size and strength are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Being relatively easy to use and a popular alternative to cigarettes, vaping also benefits from the ability to do tricks with the vapour produced.

Many vapers try to master classic tricks, such as vaping rings, to impress their peers and get more from their vaping experience.

There are many vaping tricks that one can learn, with new ones popping up all the time. One of the oldest and easiest to learn vaping tricks is blowing O's, also called blowing vape rings.

If you are a beginner vaper looking to get into vape tricks, this is an excellent place to start.

Here is everything you need to know about how to vape rings.

What you need to master how to vape rings

The first thing that you must have if you want to master how to vape rings, is - obviously - a vaping device with your preferred e-liquid.

There are several kinds of vaping devices out there, not to mention a huge number of CBD infused vape juice to choose from.

Before buying a vaping device you should get to know more about the various devices that are available.

In general vaping devices can be broken into three broad categories:

  • Pens: vape pens are the smallest and lowest-power option, offering a pen or cigarette sized device that is often disposable.
  • Pods: are a step up, carrying a little more power and therefore producing more vapour. Mods are both the largest and the most varied, covering everything from moderately powerful vapes to truly impressive devices.
  • Mods: also produce the largest amount of vapour and will often come with adjustable power settings, letting you tailor that cloud perfectly to your tastes.

Although more advanced tricks will often require a mod, learning how to vape rings is easy to do with a pod as well. If you’re absolutely brand new to vaping you may want to start with a pod just to get the hang of it. 

Even better would be a double pack, giving you a pod to start with and a larger mod to work up to once you’re comfortable.

Although some e-liquids produce more vapour than others a vape ring doesn’t need much vapour to form. Most e-liquids will produce enough vapour if used in the right device, even those infused with CBD.

Once you have a vaping device and your preferred e-liquid, find a nice calm environment where you can practice. Try to avoid windy place, outdoors and preferably away from others.

A calm area will allow the vapour to linger, maintaining density without blowing away and staying afloat for longer.

What steps to follow

There are several stages to learning how to vape rings. We are going to show you how to start small with the easiest way of blowing rings before moving on to some more advanced methods. 

As the name suggests, the trick is all about blowing out vapour from your mouth into an O or ring shape when you exhale. It’s not as simple as it sounds however, as you’ll need some patience when first starting out.

Start with inhaling vapour from your device into your mouth and holding it there for a few seconds.

Place your tongue at the bottom of your mouth towards the back to help keep the vapor as far back as possible.

After that, shape your lips into a circle as you gently tap or push in your cheeks to help create the right O-shape with your lips.

Be careful not let the vapour escape.

Note that the amount of vapour you release and your mouth's shape will determine the size of the ring you create. If you want to create huge donuts, tuck your lips in without pushing them out too far.

Push out a little vapour from your mouth using a gentle cough or short breaths. Depending on the amount of vapour you push out and the shape of your mouth, you should be able to see vape rings form as soon as you blow out the vapour.

To learn how to vape bigger rings, practice pushing the vapor out with your throat rather than with your breath.

To release vapour from your mouth faster, push out the vapour while slightly extending your jaw forward.

If you want the vape rings to look better, curl your lips when the vapour leaves your mouth. This will also make the rings travel further and faster.

Once you’ve practiced a little and are confident at blowing rings, try to add some spin to this trick by pushing your tongue forward as you release vapour. You do this by keeping your tongue at the bottom of your mouth behind the teeth.

Use the middle part of your tongue to push out the vapour with your jaw moving upward. This technique will help you create rings that are tighter and closer together.

How to vape double or triple rings

To add more fun to this trick, you should learn how to blow out two or three vape rings simultaneously. This technique is impressive and simple to learn once you have the basics down.

To do this, place your finger over your mouth, then press and pull it down slightly on the top lip to help split the lip into two sections. If you want to blow three rings, use two fingers and split the mouth into three sections. 

Use the same technique as you would when blowing out a single O but open your mouth a little wider to get the best rings. 

Common Mistakes

Blowing vape rings is a fun trick to learn and experiment with while vaping. Though the trick is easy to learn, some common mistakes can make it a bigger challenge than it should be.

Here are some frequently encountered issues you should keep an eye out for when learning this trick.

  • Poor Technique:

Though adding a spin to this trick makes it more fun, you should only try to do so when you have mastered the initial step.

Before you include fingers to separate your lips to spin a ring, be sure that you’re making the right shape with your lips and mouth.

Repeat this several times until rounding your mouth, placing your tongue, and pushing out the vapour becomes second nature.

Once you have mastered the correct technique, blowing double or even triple rings will come much more easily. 

  • Lack Of Vapour:

This trick is all about the right technique and lots of vapour. It will be impossible to vape rings if you do not have enough vapour.

Use an e-liquid that leans more towards vegetable glycerine in its VG:PG ratio if you suspect it’s responsible for the thin vapour.

If you think it might be a lack of power, switch to a higher wattage setting or a more powerful device.

  • Lack Of Practice:

You need to set aside enough time to learn this trick.

If you want to master how to vape rings and maybe tricks even further, you’ll need to be patient and practice consistently.

Trying again and again will be the best way to make sure you can perform these tricks with ease.


Hopefully our article has taken away some of the mystery around vape tricks, helping guide you in learning how to vape rings.

You may be lucky enough to get it right on the first try or it might take you a little longer, but either way don’t stop there.

Vape tricks are one of the most popular parts of the vaping community, being a huge reason why people get into it in the first place.

Don’t just stop as your first success: keep practicing, perfecting what you know and developing even more impressive tricks.

Remember to keep your device and the e-liquid you use in mind, as these are some of the biggest factors in determining the kind of tricks you’ll be able to do.

In the end, as long as you keep trying and keep enjoying it, tricks will only make your vaping experience all the better.


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