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How To Make CBD Part Of Your Beauty Routine

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How To Make CBD Part Of Your Beauty Routine

The CBD industry is trending in so many different ways, with celebrities and millions of others taking it regularly and reporting a wide range of different benefits that they claim to experience as a result. But while CBD oils, CBD gummies and CBD edibles are always going to be popular, it’s the CBD beauty and skincare that the celebs are really going mad for.

So, whether you need a solution for your stressed-out skin or just want to follow the lead of your favourite A-lister, we’ve taken a look at how CBD can be used as part of a beauty routine.

Why use CBD in a beauty regime?

While there is more research needed to be done on CBD and its potential effects on the skin, as well as the rest of the body and brain, early studies show some promise that there could be significant benefits for using CBD on skin for some people.

Some recent research by Mintel indicates that people are looking for more from their beauty products now and have the expectation that they sometimes need to do more than one thing. Spending time and money on a beauty regime is a form of self-care, and products that can help support or maintain wellness can have physical and emotional benefits for those who use them.

This is one reason why ‘functional ingredients’, such as CBD, are so popular at the moment.

Mintel’s research indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our daily lives have had a big impact on the way that many of us prioritise our own wellbeing and our everyday routines.

The wider uncertainty means that some people are driven towards things that provide comfort and structure to their day, which can include skincare and beauty routines.

In addition to this, research by Statista reveals that people in the UK are growing in their awareness of the kinds of ingredients used in beauty products, both in terms of their potential effects on the skin and their environmental impact, and turning more to products that contain natural compounds rather than mainly synthetic ones.

CBD beauty products and cosmetics can fit firmly into this camp, with CBD, of course, being extracted from cannabis plants.

CBD is reported by many people to aid relaxation and support a good sleep-wake cycle, which means CBD can naturally slide into any bedtime beauty routine and help set you up for optimal sleep that rejuvenates the body and mind.

The way that CBD enters the bloodstream when applied topically, such as through a skin cream, can make for a steadier and smoother CBD experience, which some people may prefer to other, more direct delivery methods.

Types of CBD cosmetics

There are a range of different CBD beauty and skincare products on the market that can give stressed-out skin a daily dose of soothing cannabinoids. These can include everything from balms that can be used on skin or lips to hydrating body butters, facial serums, face masks, CBD bath bombs, and so much more.

As with most CBD products, many people see the benefits of CBD beauty products when they use them every day, so it’s ideal to incorporate them into a daily beauty routine, whether that's in the morning or evening, which also helps you not forget to use them.

Orange County CBD beauty products

At Orange County CBD, we pride ourselves on our award-winning innovative approach to CBD products, bringing our customers only the best quality CBD and delivery methods that suit today’s lifestyles and support our commitment to aid wellness in body and in mind whenever we can.

Our current beauty CBD product range includes:

CBD Bath Bomb

CBD bath bombs are perfect for popping into the tub after a busy day. Our bath bombs are infused with CBD and aim to help you relax with ease, with citrus scents and Epsom salts for the ultimate in bath time indulgence.

CBD face cream

You can enjoy a face cream that offers more with our uplifting skin topical that is absorbed through the skin’s hair follicles.

If you want to know more about our CBD products, take a look at our FAQs.

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