CBD Pre-Workout: Can It Boost Your Performance?

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CBD Pre-Workout: Can It Boost Your Performance?

CBD is fast gaining popularity in fitness circles, with many people choosing to take CBD pre-workout or post-workout. Whilst scientific research into the medical benefits of CBD is still ongoing, many of those involved in fitness, as well as professional athletes, believe that there are multiple benefits to incorporating CBD into their routine both in body and in mind.


CBD and Active Lifestyles

Anyone who has gone through intense physical exertion, whether through training or sport, will know the feeling of muscle pain.

This is because exercising can cause tiny amounts of muscle damage that the body needs to recover from. Pain after a workout can mean that you need a longer recovery time or can mean that your performance is inhibited for a while, potentially holding you back in further training or competitions. For this reason many people take steps to limit post-workout pain, and CBD could potentially have a role to play here.

CBD is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, and is known to aid relaxation, which can potentially help muscles get what they need to recover in a shorter timeframe than otherwise.

Taking CBD pre-workout or immediately after can be the key to avoiding the worst of these uncomfortable experiences. As well as being available in oil or edible form, CBD can also be applied as a muscle rub, which can help increase circulation to the affected muscles if used as part of a massage treatment.

Can CBD Pre-Workout Boost Your Performance?

Whilst further research is definitely needed, early studies indicate that there could be several ways CBD can benefit athletes. In addition to the potential to aid a quick recovery as mentioned above, there are those that believe CBD might also be able to increase stamina and endurance and may even reduce the fatigue during or after a longer workout or sporting event.

Providing that it contains no THC -so broad-spectrum CBD or isolate- CBD it is not a banned substance. According to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) it is not considered to be directly performance-enhancing, but some of it's other benefits could help to improve focus or performance.

CBD and Sleep

Many of those who take CBD report that it helps to support a better sleep-wake cycle, and getting good quality sleep can make a huge difference to athletes and those who take fitness seriously.

Research shows that elite athletes in particular can struggle to get the right quantity and quality of sleep in the lead up to a competition, which can have a negative impact on their cognitive function and athletic performance when it matters.

Lack of sleep has many detrimental effects on the body and brain, and can have a big effect on someone’s ability to make decisions, concentrate on what they are doing and their mood.

If taking CBD regularly can help to support better sleep, it has the potential to make a big difference to those who need to be on top form, both physically and mentally, to put in their best athletic performance. Whether you’re an elite athlete gearing up for a big performance or a gym-goer looking to push your own limits, a routine of CBD to support your sleep can help to take you to that next level.

CBD and Athlete Anxiety

There are many studies that indicate anxiety in athletes is not uncommon, with the pressure to perform building on the life and career pressures we all face. The links between CBD and anxiety are still being investigated on a scientific basis, but many people believe that using CBD regularly can aid relaxation and counter some of the anxieties they feel.

How To Take CBD Pre-Workout

As mentioned previously, CBD can be taken before or after a workout, depending on your personal preference. There are also a number of different delivery methods to get CBD into your system, meaning that any single CBD experience will be unique.

As well as the muscle rubs mentioned earlier, CBD also comes in an CBD oil that be taken either directly or mixed into food. Many people choose to take their daily CBD in a protein shake or recovery drink before or after their workout, or simply take it in their favourite drink at any time of the day.

With CBD, the right dosage depends on a number of factors that are individual to everyone. We recommend starting with a lower dose and gradually increase it as you require.

If you have any questions about CBD, you can check out our FAQs for more information.


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