CBD Isolate

Our CBD isolate products give you the purest CBD experience possible. With every other cannabinoid removed, there’s nothing little to get in the way of our award-winning CBD.
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Why Choose Our CBD Isolate

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Pure CBD Experience

Our CBD isolate products are designed to give you a fantastically focused CBD experience, with all other cannabinoids removed. As the leading ingredient in our Vaping Bad e-liquids, CBD isolate allows our customers to enjoy a full range of classic vape juice flavours, enhanced by the benefits of CBD. When you use CBD isolate you can be confident that your dose of CBD is clean and concentrated.

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Award Winning

Whilst its additional cannabinoids may have been removed, our CBD isolate is fundamentally the same compound that goes into all of our award-winning products. Extracted from the same source and in the same way as our broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD, we’ve simply slimmed it down and brought the CBD to the forefront. Our best CBD isolate products meet the same standards that govern our entire catalogue. 

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Vaping Benefits

The simplistic nature of CBD isolate makes it perfect for creating CBD e-liquids, to create the most intense conventional vaping flavours possible. Whilst our Vaping Bad range doesn't offer the authentic tastes of the Cali Range, these more conventional flavours have helped us to catapult CBD e-liquids into the wider vaping world.

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THC Free

Our CBD isolate products have absolutely no trace of THC, making them even easier to enjoy with confidence. With no psychoactive component (and actually, no other cannabinoids at all) our CBD isolate is perfect for athletes and anybody else who may get regular drug tests at work. Our CBD isolate is the best choice for anyone looking for the benefits of CBD with no other cannabinoids involved.

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