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Broad Spectrum CBD

Searching for all of the impact with absolutely 0 THC? You’re gonna want the best broad spectrum CBD in the UK. Call off the search, because it’s right here.


Why Choose Our

Broad Spectrum CBD

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What is broad spectrum CBD oil?

Broad spectrum CBD oil contains all the compounds in our full spectrum CBD oil, but there’s absolutely no THC. This one’s the go-to for athletes and anyone likely to get tested for THC, because you’ll pass with flying colours.

When we said we had the best broad spectrum CBD oil in the UK, we weren’t joking. From our Cali Range e-liquids to our tasty CBD gummies, this bunch has won some of the industry’s shiniest awards.

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All-time fave flavours

We know, we know. We love broad spectrum CBD oil too, but its natural (kind of earthy) taste isn’t for everyone. So we did something about it. Because broad spectrum CBD has a less intense hit than some other products, we’re able to add more flavours without losing that CBD goodness. 

We infused our broad spectrum CBD oils with the UK’s fave classic flavours, like apple, mint and wild cherry. Those with a sweet tooth can chew on our gummies, in strawberry, cherry and mixed-fruit varieties.

Want another tip? Bag the original flavour and add it to your food and drinks for a tasty CBD experience.

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The whole shebang

How do you take your full spectrum CBD oil, UK? The Orange County CBD collection has you spoilt for choice, so let us break it down.

Our oils are the most versatile of them all. Think of them as the Tom Hanks of the CBD world. Drop them under the tongue, mix them into your food or even apply them topically to the skin. You can chew on our CBD gummies just like any other sweet (but watch your dose!) or even use them as toppings on a dessert. CBD gummy pancakes, ice cream or cheesecake, anyone? We’ve also got good old-fashioned broad spectrum CBD vape juice.

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Let’s talk awards

We hate to brag (lol) but we’ve won awards to say this is the best broad spectrum CBD oil in the UK. 

Our CBD gummies nabbed 2nd place for Best Edible in the 2020 Cannavist Awards, 1st place for Best Edible at the 2020 Canex Awards, and 2nd place in the Best CBD Edible in the prestigious 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup. We’ve also won two international awards for best tincture (our 6000mg and 12000mg CBD oils).

Our broad-spectrum products benefit from the entourage effect with absolutely no THC, so the only thing you’ll be high on is life.

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