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How Many MG Is In A Drop Of CBD Oil?

How many MG per drop of CBD oil

Have you heard about all the reported benefits of CBD and want to give it a go?

You may have already bought a CBD oil, but perhaps you’re wondering just how much of it you should be intake.

Though CBD oil is not intoxicating and can be taken directly as a sublingual oil or infused into CBD edibles, it is important to know the correct dosage.

Knowing exactly how many milligrams of CBD are in every drop of your oil is vital to ensuring the quality of your experience.

Considering that everyone reacts to CBD differently, especially if you’re entirely new to it, this is one of the most important things you can learn for your CBD experience.

Using CBD oil is relatively easy, which is one of the key reasons why it’s so popular.

However, because too much CBD oil has been known induce a few uncomfortable side-effects, it is vital to make sure that you only take the right amount.

Read on to find out the correct dosage of CBD for you, the factors that affect it, and how to measure your doses accurately.

The Potency Of CBD Oil

The potency or strength of CBD oil can vary greatly across different brands and products. CBD content is expressed in terms of milligrams (mg) of CBD per millilitre (ml).

One millilitre can often be measured as a single drop from a dropper. If the product has less than 15mg of CBD per ml, it can be considered to have low potency.

CBD oil with 15 to 49 mg per ml is standard, whilst oil with 50 mg or more per ml has a high potency. 

To know the potency of CBD oil, then you can divide the total amount of CBD in milligrams by the total number of millilitres in the bottle as a whole.

You should be able to find these numbers on the product itself, usually on the label, or the manufacturer’s website. Knowing the product's potency will help you to know the right amount to take, however there is no universal rule.

The right dose of CBD for you will differ according to your weight, age and metabolism, to name just a few factors.

How To Dose CBD Oil

There are no set guidelines to help determine how many milligrams you can take and how often you should take them. The right dose will depend not just on you, but also on what kind of CBD is in the bottle.

For example, a 30ml bottle of full-spectrum CBD and a 30ml broad-spectrum CBD will often require different doses to get the same effect. 

You will have to do a little maths to know exactly how many milligrams of CBD are in each bottle, even if they are similar in size.

Many different brands of CBD oils come with a dropper that has markings to help consumers measure their oil exactly. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should take a dropper full of oil.

If you know exactly how much is right for you, just use the marking to measure the correct quantity. If you’re still experimenting with CBD oil, keep a careful note of just how much oil you take in each session and the effects it has.

Some products will come with a spray rather than a dropper, whilst many manufacturers offer both as a standard option.

If the product you have does not include a dropper but you want a precisely measured dose, consider getting one from your local drug store or online. These droppers make it easier to precisely measure the drops you’re taking.

How Much CBD Is In A Drop?

To know how many mg of CBD is in a single drop of CBD oil, you will first need to know three things: the volume of liquid in the bottle, the amount of liquid in a dropper, and the amount of CBD in the bottle overall.

CBD oil mostly comes in 30ml bottles. As a rough rule, a 30ml bottle of regular strength oil contains 500mg of CBD, and a standard-sized dropper contains 1ml of oil. 

This equates to roughly 30 drops of oil, with each drop containing approximately 16.5mg of CBD. If you have a bigger or a smaller bottle, you will have to adjust accordingly.

This way you will be able to figure out the number of drops in the bottle, which also gives you a rough idea of how long the bottle will last you.

Divide the number of drops in the bottle by the overall CBD content in milligrams to get the total CBD content of each drop. 

A single drop of CBD oil can have a concentration as high as 5mg. This will depend on the potency of the oil in the bottle and the size of the bottle itself.

It is necessary to know the exact mg on a drop to avoid taking too much oil, especially if you are a beginner. 

It may also be a good idea to keep a journal or diary to keep track of your dosage and how your body responds to the amount you’ve taken. Please take note of the milligrams you consume per dose, the time you took it, and how it made you feel.

Keeping track of these things will help you to know when it’s a good idea to adjust your dosage and by how much. 

Start with a single drop of oil and document its effects. If you do not notice any effects, double the dose gradually. Everyone has different body chemistry.

Do not rely on another person’s experience or reaction to CBD, as this will likely end in disappointment. This period of experimentation is the best way to find that perfect dose of CBD for you.

Whatever dose you end up with, do not exceed the FSA recommended limit of 70mg of CBD in a single day.

How much CBD per drop?

How To Get The Most Out Of Each Drop

Your body's reaction to CBD also depends on how and when you take it. If you take CBD on an empty stomach, it will be absorbed very quickly but could also leave your body rather fast.

This kind of experience may not be right for you, particularly if you’re a beginner. To start with, it’s a good idea to take your CBD after a particularly filling meal. 

Taking CBD after a meal will allow your body to slowly absorb the oil for maximum effect. A single drop may feel like two if you take it after a meal.

Remember, to consume CBD oil, place the drop under your tongue and hold it for 30-60 seconds before swallowing it. Holding it under the tongue allows the body to absorb as much oil as possible directly into your bloodstream through the capillaries in your mouth.

The remaining CBD is absorbed more slowly through your digestive system when swallowed.

If you are on any other medication, consult with a doctor before using CBD. If you are given clearance to use CBD alongside your regular medication, try to space out your doses to ensure minimal interference.


CBD oil has no defined dosage, with a sufficient amount often shifting in size and intensity from person to person. The bodily conditions of the individual has a great impact on this, from factors as obvious as physical size to those less-than-predictable elements like metabolism.

To enjoy the reported benefits of CBD in the best way, you must know how much you are taking per dose and the effects it will have on you.

Our article has hopefully given you some guidelines on calculating the CBD content in every drop of your oil and helped to set you on the right path to finding that perfect dose for you.

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