How Long Does E-Liquid Last For?

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How Long Does E-Liquid Last For?
We’ve all had that moment where we reach for the milk and stop to wonder exactly how long it’s been there.

Sometimes that thought doesn’t kick until after we’ve poured it into our cereal and, depending on which one is floating on top of the other, that can be a nasty surprise.

Vape juices are no different, because when it comes to vaping quality should always be your top concern. Knowing exactly how long your e-liquid will last is essential to making sure you get the most out of it.

Having to throw away anything can be painful, even worse when it turns out it was perfectly fine to use, so knowing what signs to look out for in your e-liquid going bad will always be helpful.

As with anything matching your use with your supply will ensure the minimal amount of waste, so it’s important to be aware of your usage.

Just how quickly do you get through your e-liquid?

How big are the bottles you buy?

How do you store them?

Knowing these will be key in making sure that balance between too little and too much stays spot on.

Safety vs Satisfaction

From what we have found there is no confirmation that an e-liquid has passed its expiration date has any increased negative health effects.

For the most part e-liquids are made from ingredients that have long and stable shelf-lives, and when stored correctly most will last without issue for around 2 years.

Using e-liquids that have passed their expiration date is therefore more a question of satisfaction than of safety. The biggest drawback of using old e-liquids is the drop in taste quality as well as a lessening of effectiveness.

Vaping fresh liquid will always give you more of a buzz than a bottle that was opened a year ago, so to get the most out of your e-liquid it’s always best to know exactly where the limits of your product lie.

Of course, this is all dependant on what exactly is in the e-liquid, so different products do age differently.

Checking If My E-Liquid Has Gone Bad

Like regular tobacco and other recreational products, e-liquids come with a set expiration date. This date is based on an estimation of the organic-based components of the liquid (mainly nicotine) and how long they would take to break down under normal conditions.

As such the expiration date is always more of an estimation, so a little investigation can be done to avoid throwing away perfectly good liquid.

E-liquids that have broken down tend to be easy to spot: a change in the colour of the liquid compared to others, a shift in the consistency and signs of separation are all indicators that the liquid is starting to go bad.

If after a good few minutes of shaking a separated liquid still hasn’t formed back up, that’s a good sign that it isn’t worth saving.

A significant change in the taste of the liquid can also be a solid indicator that it’s time to swap out.

A little less reliable is the smell-check; some aficionados claim that they can tell how long a liquid has been open by smell alone.

This isn’t exactly the most reliable method, so we always suggest a combination of looking for visible signs and referring to the expiry date.

How Should I Store My E-Liquid?

As always properly following the storage instructions is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your e-liquid. Overexposure to heat and sunlight can speed up the decomposition of the organic-based components of the e-liquid.

For nearly every product this means that storing it upright in a cool, dark place should be enough, but you should always check the product instructions to make sure.

It’s also a good idea to make sure the e-liquid is fully sealed when not in use, and to try to minimise the amount of time it is open to the air when you’re topping up. This all helps to make sure your e-liquids last as long as possible.

How Should I Get Rid Of Old E-Liquid?

If you have decided that your old bottle is too far gone to be saved, it’s good to know how to dispose of it safely. Considering the contents we would never tell you to just toss the bottle in the bin or tip it down the drain.

Many people suggest using coffee grounds or even cat litter to absorb the e-liquid, as this is both easier to handle and ensures that wildlife will be less likely to come investigating. When sealed up properly in a plastic bag, these should then be safe to dispose of in a bin.

Some green-fingered vapers even suggest mixing small quantities old e-liquid with a large amount of water and spraying it on plants to keep away pests. We can’t comment as to how safe it will keep your tomatoes, but for the sake on the environment a small amount of e-liquid every few weeks would be harmless.


With these points in mind you should have no trouble making sure that the quality of your e-liquid is as good as it can be.

  • Most e-liquids will last for about 2 years once opened.
  • For the most part e-liquids won’t go bad in a dangerous way, they’ll just drop in quality.
  • Every e-liquid comes with an expiration date that should be paid attention to, even if it’s unlikely to be reached.
  • Checking for tell-tale signs of change is the most reliable way to ensure quality.
  • Properly storing your e-liquid will keep it fresh for longer.
  • Measuring your intake and buying the right amount to fit your use is the best way to prevent waste.
  • If you do have to throw any liquid out, make sure you’re disposing of it in a safe and reliable way.
  • If you run out of liquid, keep an eye out for UK vape deals! You'll be sure to find affordable e-liquids online.

How long e-liquid lasts is something we’ve all wondered and now it’s easier than ever to be certain. At Orange County CBD we are dedicated to the quality of your experience, and that doesn’t stop with selling you the product.

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