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Full Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is the most authentic way to get a comprehensive CBD experience. Delivering a powerful hit in even low doses, our full-spectrum CBD oils are the most potent products on the market.

Why Choose Our

Full Spectrum CBD

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Award Winning

Offering a full cannabinoid profile, our full-spectrum CBD oils are one of the best ways to experience our multi-award winning CBD. With no extra flavourings and nothing for sub-par ingredients to hide behind, this is where our CBD truly gets the chance to shine. That’s why these oils have become so popular, with our strongest full-spectrum CBD oil even winning the coveted Best Tincture at the 2020 Cannavist Awards. With so much support behind this flagship of our oil range, you know that the quality of your CBD experience is assured.
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More Intense Experience

Whatever concentration you go for, our full-spectrum CBD oils can promise one thing for sure: intensity. By providing you with a complete profile of cannabinoids, the impact of a full spectrum CBD is magnified, supported by these naturally occurring compounds and having a greater effect. Even at lower strengths, a full-spectrum CBD will give you most genuine impact from your CBD possible.
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Flexibility & Application

CBD oils can be used in a variety of different ways, a fact that is especially true for full-spectrum CBD oils. Thanks to their increased intensity and lack of flavour they have an even wider appeal than our broad-spectrum range. Whether you take your CBD oil directly from the pipette included, add it to food or drink to make an edible, or prefer to apply it directly to the skin for a topical effect, our careful designs and unbeatable quality will ensure that your experience is second to none.
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Full Cannabinoid Profile

Our full-spectrum CBD products contain a complete profile of cannabinoids, so our customers can take full advantage of the entourage effect to get the most out of their CBD. Carefully tested to make sure the balance of cannabinoids meets both legal requirements and our own strict standards, our full-spectrum CBD oils have become one of our most consistently popular lines of products.
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