1500mg CBD Gummies

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Bursting with juicy CBD goodness, Orange County proudly presents our range of 1500mg CBD Gummies. 

Choose from our multi-flavoured tubs of fruity CBD gummy worms and gummy cubes, succulent strawberries or delicious cherries. 

Satisfy your craving for sweet treats and increased relaxation with our 1500mg selection, packed to the brim with broad-spectrum CBD oil. 

Simply pop a CBD gummy before bed for a blissful night’s sleep. Do you have a big work presentation that’s worrying you? Our 1500mg CBD Gummies are a discreet way to get your fix and become your best self. 

Our third-party laboratory testing confirms that our 1500mg CBD Gummies contain undetectable levels of THC. Indulge in our moderate-strength 1500mg CBD Gummies and experience a lean and supremely potent effect. 

If you’re struggling with insomnia, anxiety or digestive issues, scientific evidence suggests that CBD could lend a helping hand. Why not try it out? Experience the wonders of 1500mg CBD Gummies and discover how they can improve your life. 

Here at Orange County, we want you to get your bite-sized daily dose of CBD in a deliciously discreet and affordable way.

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