How Many CBD Sweets Should I Eat?

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

How Many CBD Sweets Should I Eat?

The CBD market today is booming, supporting a worldwide industry that offers products for every conceivable need.

As a core ingredient CBD is eminently flexible, finding itself successfully infused into everything from sublingual oils and e-liquids to skincare creams, tinctures and all manner of edibles.

Of all these different ways to dose your CBD, edibles are one of the most recognisable and most popular.

Many people breaking into the world of CBD for the first time start out with edibles, being both easy to use and coming in a huge variety.

Of all the various sweets, savouries, cakes and cookies that you can buy, the modern market has perhaps the biggest selection in its gummies.

These kinds of sweets have the wonderful benefit of being both easy to infuse with CBD and easy to adapt, letting new shapes, textures and flavours be developed with relative ease.

The result is a market that is absolutely swelling with CBD gummies of every stripe, from the classic bears to buttons, cherries, rings and much more.

They taste just as good as conventional sweets, but you certainly can’t treat them that way. CBD gummies are still first and foremost a CBD product, meaning that they must be properly measured and dosed in order to be used safely.

Although any legitimate product will come with a clear indicator of CBD concentration and at least a rudimentary dosage guide, many CBD users want a little more clarification before they buy.

How many CBD gummies should I eat if I want to feel its effects?

How long should I give them to kick-in before taking any more?

How much is too much?

All of these are good questions to ask before taking any CBD gummies, so it’s precisely what we’ll aim to answer for you today.

Why CBD Gummies?

Gummies have achieved their popularity in the CBD world for a good reason. You’d be hard pressed to find an easier way of taking your CBD, requiring no specialist equipment and no kind of maintenance.

CBD vape juices require a full vaping device to be used, whilst CBD oils need either a dropper or spray, but CBD gummies are as easy to take as their conventional counterparts.

This simplicity adds to its other big advantage: discretion. Many people prefer to be discreet with their CBD use, avoiding the large clouds of a vape or the noticeable use of an oil dropper.

CBD gummies offer a CBD solution as quick and innocuous as eating a sweet.

The method of dosing itself comes with its own distinct advantages. Whereas vaped or sublingually absorbed CBD acts extremely quickly and with a hard hit, ingested CBD acts more slowly and draws its effects out.

CBD that is ingested must first pass through the digestive system, meaning that its ultimate impact on the human endocannabinoid system is less intense.

For some CBD users this more mellow experience is exactly what they’re looking for, particularly if they use CBD in the evenings or slowly throughout the day.

Last of all we have the more conventional benefits of CBD gummies, namely the taste. As we’ve already said CBD gummies are wonderfully flexible, offering a base recipe that can be adjusted at multiple stages of the production process.

This has left us with a huge selection of gummies available all across the market, varying both in shape and flavour as well as intensity.

For many users who hate the taste of an e-liquid or the feel of an oil, CBD gummies offer a much more pleasant experience.

Type Of CBD

The number of CBD gummies you take will be affected by the kind of CBD they contain, as different compositions of CBD will carry varying effects.

Generally speaking there are three kinds of CBD used in conventional CBD products: broad spectrum, full spectrum and CBD isolate. Broad and full spectrum CBD both include a range of cannabinoids alongside the CBD itself, whereas CBD isolate contains just CBD.

Although some CBD gummies will be made using CBD isolate, the majority of those on the market use broad spectrum CBD.

Broad spectrum carries the benefits of the entourage effect, using these other cannabinoids to enhance the CBD and improve its effects on the endocannabinoid system, whilst avoiding the THC found in full spectrum.

Because these factors effect how intense your CBD experience is, it’s good to be aware of what kind of CBD is in your gummies.

If you’re an experienced CBD user then you may find that taking gummies is distinctly different to the experience you’re used to. If your history is with CBD isolate in particular, be prepared for an experience that hits slightly differently to what you’ve had in the past.

Once you have a clear idea of how this CBD affects you in particular, then you’ll be able to figure out precisely how many CBD gummies are right for you.

CBD Gummy Strength

The strength of your CBD gummies will of course have a significant impact on how many you take. CBD gummies come in varied strengths, with some concentrations being particularly high whilst others are comparatively low.

Often any single CBD gummy will be available for purchase in a multitude of different strengths, as the concentration of CBD is a very easy factor to shift in the production of CBD gummies.

Always be sure to check that your CBD gummies are the correct dosage before taking your usual number of gummies.

If you’re new to CBD gummies, we advise you to begin with some relatively low-strength gummies before moving on to something with more impact.

You may find a degree of variation in the CBD concentrate of each gummy too, as many manufacturers will measure CBD content by tub rather than by individual sweet.

Although this shift will often be miniscule, it is an important factor to bear in mind. If you find yourself occasionally taking more gummies than usual or feeling the effects less intensely, odds are you have just had a slightly under-strength gummy rather than the possibility that you could be building up a tolerance to CBD.

Dosing & Experimentation

As we’ve said the process of taking gummies is as easy as anything: just pop on in your mouth and enjoy. The CBD itself enters via your stomach so there’s no need to hold the gummy in your mouth for any length of time before chewing and swallowing.

The only real tricky part is figuring out how many to take.

Aside from CBD type and strength, a few other factors go into determining how large your CBD intake will be. Y

our body’s natural resilience to CBD will affect the number of gummies you’ll need to take, as will your height, weight, metabolism and even diet. Because of this there is no set rule for how many gummies someone should take: that perfect amount really will vary from person to person.

To tackle this most CBD users will go through a period of experimentation with a new product, where they alter their doses to find the right amount.

Virtually every CBD user will go through this period, shifting dosage sizes or product strength until they settle on a dose they’re satisfied with. Gummies are particularly good at this, coming in varied strengths and in easy, bite-size sweets.

We suggest starting small, selecting a low-strength gummy and taking a small dose. Your first dose can vary, but we recommend somewhere between 5mg and 10mg of CBD.

For this end we can recommend the grab bags that many manufacturers offer as a low-cost way to test out a particular gummy without having to commit to a larger tub.

Although it might be tempting, don’t take a second dose of gummies right away if you’re not feeling the effects of the first one.

Edibles can take anywhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours to kick-in; a factor that can also change from experience to experience. Even something as simple as whether or not you’ve eaten that day will have an impact on how CBD gummies effect you.

The key is to be patient, giving the gummies enough time for their effects to be felt before taking any more.

In the end we can say that, while this period of experimentation may have its disappointments, you’ll find that perfect amount eventually.

Just be sure not to overdo it and always bear in mind the FSA’s recommended dosage limit of 70mg of CBD per-day.

What To Watch Out For

Whilst many people around the world happily enjoy CBD gummies without any issues at all, there is a risk that you may not be able to. These reasons will vary, but one of the most common causes is an allergic reaction.

It is possible to develop an allergic reaction to CBD gummies in the same way that it is possible to develop an allergic reaction to anything.

Every legitimate CBD product brought in the UK will come with a list of ingredients, and many online retailers will list ingredients on a product’s webpage.

If you have any known allergens always check for their presence before taking a CBD product. Many modern gummies use vegan or vegetarian recipes, which can help in avoiding allergies to products such as gelatine, but do also bring their own potential issues.

There is a chance that you may develop a reaction to CBD itself. Although rare, CBD allergies do exist and often take the form of a minor allergic reaction, such as skin irritation or a feeling of sickness.

If you experience these reactions we encourage you to stop dosing CBD of any kind and arrange to talk to your doctor.

Stronger allergic reactions can cause swelling and even difficulty breathing. If you experience any of these symptoms stop taking CBD and seek immediate medical assistance.

There are certain cases where you should not take CBD under any circumstances. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18, do not take any CBD products.

No reputable UK retailer would ever sell CBD to someone under the age of 18. If you are on any kind of prescription medication, talk to your doctor before taking any CBD products.


CBD gummies are one of the most popular CBD products on the market, boasting a wide user base and an instant recognisability.

Many CBD users have tried gummies at one point, even if it isn’t their primary dosing method, whilst just as many continue to regularly use CBD gummies to supplement another CBD dosing method.

For each of these individuals the number of gummies they take is different, a factor that is essential to CBD dosing in general.

Figuring out how many CBD gummies to take is a process that must be carried out by the individual taking them. Sadly there are no handy guides telling you exactly how many gummies to take, at least none with any worthwhile information.

Your particular dose of CBD will be something you discover through a process of experimentation, trying differently sized doses and possibly different strength products to see what works best.

If you keep an eye on your intake, be sure never to take too much and keep your previous experiences in mind, then you should find that perfect number of gummies in no time.

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