1000mg CBD Gummies

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Packed to the brim with delicious, mouthwatering flavours, our Orange County 1000mg CBD Gummies will blow you away. 

Experience the delightful taste of fizzy peach rings, dazzling strawberries and tart cherry CBD gummies loaded with 1000mg of CBD. 

Let your worries float away with our broad-spectrum collection of individually wrapped sweets, perfect for incorporating CBD into your daily routine. All our 1000mg CBD Gummies have a 6-month shelf life, so don’t worry about getting through them quickly!

Take your time, and alter your consumption on a day-to-day basis: with CBD Gummies, it’s all about you. 

All containers of our 1000mg CBD gummies, small or large, have been verified by independent third-party testing, so you know what you’re eating. 

Here at Orange County, transparency is important. Our 1000mg CBD Gummies have undetectable levels of THC,  just irresistible flavours and high-quality CBD oil. So, what are you waiting for? 

Make steps to ease your anxiety and improve your sleep with Orange County’s award-winning 1000mg CBD Gummies. Ride the CBD flavour wave and see where it takes you!

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