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How To Apply CBD Oil To Skin

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Apply CBD Oil To Your Skin

CBD products come in many shapes and forms, from conventional CBD gummies and sublingual CBD oils to CBD vape juices for vaping devices and many others.

This includes the world of CBD skincare, as we’ve also seen a rise in ready-made CBD-infused creams and rubs for conventional use.

These products use transfollicular absorption to deliver a dose of CBD to the user, accessing their body through hair follicles to deliver CBD to a specific area of the body.

It isn’t just ready-made topicals however, as many people apply CBD oil in the same way. This topical application is used my many people to deliver a stronger dose of CBD than could be achieved with a topical product.

When it comes to how to apply CBD oil to skin in this way, the process is nice and straightforward. Simply rub the preferred dose of oil directly onto the skin, allowing it to stay there for 3-5 minutes before wiping away.

This gives the CBD oil enough time to be absorbed through the skin follicles and take effect.

You can also mix CBD oil with conventional body creams or lotions to make your own topical product. The goal here is to keep the skin smooth and healthy, the same as any conventional skincare product.

CBD is used by some people as a topical solution for conventional skincare purposes. Although we can’t comment as to the validity of CBD in treating skin conditions, we can guide you on the use of CBD oil in these routines.

Here’s how you apply CBD oil for seven different skincare routines.


For some people, various skin problems come during teenage years and may persist into adulthood. It usually makes the victim feel uncomfortable owing to the irritated and inflamed skin that comes with it.

Regardless of your age, these can be physically uncomfortable and emotionally exhausting. That’s why people try all kinds of remedies to help prevent breakouts.

Applying CBD oil has been claimed to be effective at preventing breakouts. When rubbed directly onto the skin it uses transfollicular absorption to reach deep without clogging pores.

This supposedly helps to draw out underlying impurities in the skin.

To use this particular method apply drops of CBD oil on the affected areas and massage for 3-5 minutes. Repeat this twice a day daily for better results.

Try to avoid broken skin as there is a chance the MCT carrier oil used in many CBD oils could cause irritation.


Whilst the change in skin texture that comes with age is inevitable, those that can result from life situations like stress can be avoided or eliminated.

Some users attest that the nutrients in CBD oil work to helps to plump wrinkles in the skin, eventually giving you the glow you’ve been yearning to get. Make sure your skin is dry after washing before applying CBD oil to the affected areas.

This will help to ensure that it is properly absorbed. As you continue using CBD oil, you might want to consider infusing it into your lotions and other skincare products to make this process all the easier.

There is a chance that CBD oil could conflict with certain medicated topicals, so always check with your doctor before using CBD oil alongside such treatments.


Some people use steamers to help relieve tension in the skin and keep it soft.

It has been claimed that adding CBD oil to this routine may help to ease this tension further, using the same principles of transfollicular absorption that conventional topical application uses.

Applying a light dose of CBD oil to your face before steaming is the conventional way to do this. It can be done either at a beauty specialist or at home if you own a steamer.

The process itself is quite straightforward, consisting of a standard face cleansing and drying before applying the oil to your face, giving it a few minutes to absorb, then going through the steaming process as standard.

Face Masking

If steaming looks like a long process for you, you can still mask overnight with hemp oil. Supposedly The results are equally as impressive.

Face masking is very easy; before you go to bed, clean your face with warm water, apply the oil into the facial skin before any conventional face mask and leave it overnight.

Wash off the mask in the morning.

Dry Skin

Severe dry skin may cause itching and cracking. This can happen anywhere on your body but is common on legs, feet and sometimes the hands and arms.

It’s reported by some that CBD oil can help alleviate dry and itchy skin relatively quickly. For this kind of application simply rub a small dose of CBD oil directly onto the affected area, giving it time to settle into the skin.

If possible wear clothing that directly covers the affected areas to help prevent further damage and allow the CBD oil as much time as possible to take effect.

Once again be careful not to apply CBD oil directly to broken skin or open wounds, as this can cause irritation.

Removing Makeup

If you’ve had a bad experience with stubborn lipstick or eyeshadow, then you know that a good makeup remover is an essential part of your beauty kit.

Some beauticians insist that you can use CBD oil to dissolve the oils used in makeup products and protect your skin from breaking while at it. Apply a small amount of CBD oil onto the face and smear it all around.

Once you’ve given it a few minutes to soak in and break down the makeup, wipe away carefully using a soft piece of cloth, tissue, or cotton pads.

When Not To Use CBD

There are some conditions under which you should never use CBD, whether to help treat skin or for conventional dosing.

Whilst many people enjoy CBD oil without any kind of issues, some do show an adverse reaction either to the ingredients of the oil or the CBD itself. Always check the ingredients of a CBD oil for any known allergens.

If you notice any minor reactions such as the development of a rash, stop using CBD oil and speak to your doctor.

If you notice a more serious reaction, such as swelling or a difficulty to breathe, stop using CBD oil and seek medical advice immediately.

Whether you show a reaction or not, some people simply should not use CBD. These include people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or those who are under the age of 18.

No reputable UK CBD retailer would ever sell a product to a minor.

If you take any regular prescription medication, consult with a doctor before using any CBD product.


Understanding how to apply CBD oil to skin is vital in properly using it.

If you are considering using CBD oil either for regular topical dosing or to help treat skin problems, only ever purchase from a reputable supplier.

This means a manufacturer with a good standing within the CBD community and easily located lab reports for their products. It is also worth keeping in mind that CBD reacts with everyone differently.

Start with small doses at first before working your way up to something larger if need be. Remember that CBD, even when infused in a topical, is not a conventional self-care product and must be dosed carefully and correctly.

If you keep our advice here in mind, you should have no trouble knowing how to apply CBD oil to skin and will continue to enjoy its use for a long while yet.

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