Does CBD Show Up On a Drug Test in the UK?

Does CBD show up on a drug test UK

Does CBD Show Up On a Drug Test in the UK?

Worrying that adding CBD products to your lifestyle will see you facing the long arm of the law? You want the benefits, but you’re unsure whether CBD shows up on drug tests. Is it even worth the risk?

Let’s start with this: CBD itself is entirely legal in the UK. In fact, the UK CBD market is one of the biggest (and best) on the planet. Because it’s still the new kid on the scene - in the grand scheme of things - some people are hesitant about using CBD. What if you’re pulled over in your car or facing a drug test at work? Does CBD show up on a drug test in the UK?

Without babbling on any longer, let’s dig into the drug tests most often used in the UK and whether or not CBD is likely to trigger a positive result. 

What drug tests are used in the UK?

Most of the time when you take a drug test in the UK, this is a urine test that checks for a load of different drugs at once. Less commonly, you might also have to have your saliva, blood or sweat tested. 

It’ll probably check for:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

  • Cocaine

  • Amphetamine

  • Methamphetamine

  • Benzodiazepine

  • Opiates

As you can see, CBD didn’t make the list. But that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Not yet, anyway - we’ll show you how to stay in the clear a little further on.

THC is present in trace amounts in some CBD products. There isn’t enough to trigger a psychoactive effect, but could lead to a positive test result in some cases.   


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Does CBD oil show up on a drug test in the UK?

You want to cut to the chase. We like your style.

So, these tests are designed to identify the use of THC - the psychoactive compound found in hemp that can make you feel high. This stuff is illegal here in the UK. If you’re being tested for cannabis, THC is the compound the test will be out to detect.

CBD is legal in the UK and drug tests don’t specifically test for CBD. That said, CBD products that meets UK trading standards can contain trace amounts of THC. These products are referred to as full-spectrum CBD products. So, it’s unlikely that you’ll fail the drug test - but it is possible

In most cases, it depends on the type of drug test you take and the amount of CBD you’ve had. 

If you need a completely THC-free oil, go for either a broad-spectrum CBD oil or a CBD isolate product.

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Does CBD show up on a workplace drug test?

Since drug tests in the UK are testing for THC, you shouldn’t show up for cannabis on a workplace drug test if you’ve taken CBD. If your oil contains trace amounts of THC (which broad-spectrum CBD does), this usually falls below the cut-off levels for the drug test.

That said, if you’ve consumed a lot of CBD or high-strength CBD (or both!) then there’s a small chance you might test positive for THC.

Does CBD show up on a roadside drug test?

From a legal perspective, you can drive when you've taken CBD.

But some people do experience drowsiness when taking CBD. If that’s you, we recommend cutting down your dose or avoiding CBD completely before you drive.

But will CBD show up on a roadside drug test? Again - it depends. Your broad-spectrum CBD may contain small amounts of THC, so there’s a tiny chance it could trigger a positive result.

Does CBD show up on a drug test for athletes?

Pro-athletes are no stranger to drug tests. With loads of performance-enhancing drugs on offer, it’s important to make sure sportspeople are working on a level playing field.

CBD isn’t on the World-Anti Doping Agency’s Prohibited List, which means its use is permitted in sport. However, there’s a whole lot at stake here, and we urge athletes to play it safe and to only take CBD that will not show up on a drug test

Orange County partners with professional athletes like Josh Taylor and Aaron Chalmers. To make sure there’s no risk of a positive drug test due to CBD, we recommend all sportspeople only take broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate.

The CBD products that don’t contain THC: Breaking down broad spectrum, full spectrum & isolate

To be considered legal in the UK, CBD must meet the recommended limit of detection of 0.01%. 

You’ll only find traces of THC in full spectrum CBD products. If you’d rather use a product that has zero THC, broad spectrum is the one for you. If you’re an athlete, we’d recommend going one step further and using isolate CBD products - CBD in its purest form.

Remember that even full spectrum products don’t contain enough THC to make you feel high, although it might have a more potent effect than pure CBD products.

What if you fail a drug test due to CBD?

Say you take a drug test at work and test positive for the THC found in your CBD products. What then? Once again, it depends on your workplace’s policy. In the UK, cannabis is a Class B drug and if you can’t prove your test was positive due to CBD, there could be consequences.

As this fuzzy grey area attracts more interest and research, it’s great to see many employers updating their drugs policy to keep up. As long as you’re using regulated CBD purchased in the UK, you’re unlikely to test positive. But, as we’ve already touched on, opt for pure products if you’re worried.

Got any more questions about CBD?

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