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What Are Shortfill E-liquids?

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What Are Shortfill E-liquids?

What is short fill e-liquid?

For a product that first emerged some time ago, we find that a lot of people still don’t quite know the distinction between the different types of e-liquids.

Most vapers will have come across “shortfill” at one point or another. Whether you realise it or not, this kind of vape juice us sold across the entire vaping world and is a great way to satisfy your vaping needs.

Whether you think you’ve heard of shortfill, you’re a pro-vaper or are completely unsure as to what shortfill e-liquids are, our article will give you the do’s, don’t and how’s of this cornerstone in the vaping market.


What Are Shortfill E-Liquids?

A shortfill e-liquid is precisely what it sounds like: a bottle of e-liquid that has been filled short. In general this consists of a 60ml bottle that contains 50ml of product, leaving a moderate space at the top of the bottle.

Short fill e-liquids first came into fruition as a means of getting around the Tobacco Products Directive’s (TPR) restrictions on e-liquid bottle capacity.

A shortfill e-liquid enables a user to augment their e-liquid to their own specific tastes. Th extra space in the bottle allows a user to add between one and two 10ml bottles of high-strength e-liquid into the bottle.

This lets you to balance out the overall strength of the e-liquid to the level that you desire, placing control entirely into your hands.


What Are Vape Shots?

Vape Shots are the main reason shortfill e-liquids exist. These are the hyper-concentrated e-liquids that are absolutely packed with CBD, often containing up to 1000mg of CBD in just a 10ml bottle.

Vape shots can be added to any conventional vape juices to give them a powerful CBD kick, although they are best used with shortfill e-liquids simply for ease of use.

These two products go hand in hand, but they are themselves rather distinct. We’ve listed some the key differences below:

CBD Vape Shots:

  • Bottles tend to be 10ml capacity and fully filled
  • Usually flavourless
  • CBD content ranging from 100mg – 1000mg

    Short Fill:

    • Large bottles, usually ranging from 50ml-100ml
    • Each bottle will have space for a vape shot to be added
    • Most come in a wide range of flavours to mix with depending on your preferences

    Who Are Shortfill E-Liquids For?

    Firstly, short fills are for those of you wanting to save as much money as possible. Shortfills have the lowest comparative price of e-liquid due to the ability to buy bottles of greater quantities.

    Whether you prefer to vape your CBD vape juice as a Mouth to Lung (MTL) or Direct Lung (DL) experience, the suitability of a shortfill e-liquid suitability depends on your own individual preference. They certainly give you a greater level of control over your CBD experience, giving you the power to determine precisely how strong your e-liquid will be.

    Below are our top 3 benefits of using shortfill e-liquid.

    • It’ll save you money in the long run – with larger bottles, the value for money is much greater and you’ll save in the long run.
    • They’re quick and easy to mix - once you’ve got the hang of it!
    • No carrying around lots of small 10ml bottles – save on clutter, only rely on remembering one bottle and reduce the chances of losing smaller, less easily noticed bottles.


    Why Do Some Vapers Prefer Shortfill?

    Vapers prefer shortfill e-liquid for a huge range of different reasons.

    Combined with the convenience we've mentioned above, shortfill e-liquids allow vapers to use their creative side, mixing various flavours and concentrations to invent heir own e-liquid concoctions.

    Allowing users to become an amateur vaping mixologist turns this simple hobby into an art form, where creating becomes part of the experience.

    Similarly, vapers can create an e-liquid as weak or as strong as they please by utilising this method.

    Although these qualities are part of what makes shortfill e-liquid fun, CBD use is still something you need to track in order to get the best possible experience. It is not advisable to vape more than 70mg of CBD per day, in alignment with the government guidelines.


    How Do I Add A Vape Shot To My Shortfill E-Liquids?

    Mixing together a shortfill e-liquid with a vape shot is incredibly straightforward. It might be new to you, but it’s easy enough to master in a few clear steps.

    Just follow these simple steps and give it a go.


    • Acquire your short fill bottle of choice and one or two vape shot bottles.
    • Unscrew the short fill lid and remove the cap.
    • Remove the lid of your vape shot bottle.
    • Add the contents of your vape shot bottle into the larger short fill bottle.
    • Return the short fill cap to the bottle and screw the lid back on.
    • Dispose of or put away your vape shot bottle – don’t forget to wash your hands!
    • Shake your now-dilute, short fill bottle to mix the liquids together. Make sure the two liquids are fully mixed before moving on.
    • Add the e-liquid to your device and vape away!



    Vaping is all about experience, both in flavour and effect. The more control each person gets over their vaping experience, the better the vaping world as a whole becomes.

    We hope this article has been enjoyable and has answered any previous questions you may have had. If you were wondering precisely what shortfill e-liquids are, we hope that we've been able to clear things up.

    Now that you know exactly why shortfill e-liquids exist and how to pair them with a powerful CBD vape shots, get out there and make your CBD vaping experience even more incredible.

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