How To Store CBD Oil

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How To Store CBD Oil
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CBD oil can be costly, so it’s only natural that you want to get the most from it that you possibly can. A huge part of that is ensuring that none of the oil goes to waste, particularly from premature spoiling. One of the most popular questions we get asked is how to properly store CBD oil to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.

In this article, we take you through exactly how to store your CBD oil, why storage is such an important factor and answer any additional storage questions you might have.


The Big Four

The good news is that storing CBD oil isn’t difficult. What you need to understand most are the factors that might cause damage in order to avoid them.

In this case, we have four primary dangers to storing CBD that you should be concerned about: light, air, temperature and contaminants.



Light is composed of several spectrum components that include visible and invisible light. These two kinds of light are always present in sunlight.

UV rays are part of the invisible light spectrum and are known to most people for their potential to damage the skin. By the same principle, UV rays also contribute to the breakdown of the active ingredients in CBD oil.

This means that CBD oils that are exposed to an abundance of light tend to lose their effectiveness more quickly.

To prevent this effect of light on your product, you should always try to store your CBD in a dark place like a cabinet or cupboard.



Once you’ve opened your bottle of CBD oil the clock has started ticking.

That’s because some of the most common components of air (oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen for the most part) can react with CBD oil to make it less effective over time.

Of the three air molecules, oxygen does the most damage to stored CBD.

Fortunately, CBD oil containers have airtight tops that you can easily tighten back after use to avoid this issue.

Try your best to limit the amount of exposure your oil has to air when in use and, if possible, try decanting CBD oil from a larger bottle into a smaller one for everyday use. This way only the CBD oil you use in your day is exposed to air, instead of your entire stockpile.

This also helps in limiting the exposure of oil to both light and fluctuating temperatures.



Heat is another contributor to the breakdown of molecules in CBD oil. To avoid the damage caused by heat, always try to store your CBD oil under 21°C.

This temperature keeps the molecules intact to maintain the taste and colour of the product.

If you happen to have several bottles of CBD and want to keep some for a long while, putting them in freezing conditions is your best bet, although you will have to give them adequate time to defrost and shake them thoroughly before use.

If you’re planning to use your CBD oil on a regular basis, just find a place in your home that keeps at a consistent 21°C.

That’s because freezing and unfreezing your CBD oil multiple times a day isn’t the best for its longevity, not to mention being impractical for most.



Not many CBD manufacturers really talk about the affect that contaminants might have on your tinctures, but they are nevertheless responsible for the majority of prematurely spoiled CBD oil, and play a huge part in decided how to store your CBD oil.

Handling an applicator or bottle improperly can easily result in a contamination of a bottle of CBD oil, as foreign elements form either the environment or your own body makes its way back into the sealed bottle.

These contaminants can quickly spread within the oil, metabolising the CBD and other ingredients whilst growing larger. This will quickly result in a spoilt oil, even if you handle everything else the proper way.

To avoid contaminants you should not touch the open end of a pipette, keeping it above your mouth as you drop the oil in.

Physically touching the tongue or cheek is how most contaminations occur. If this does happen be sure to properly wipe off the dropper before reinserting it.

It goes without saying, but don’t lick the applicator either.

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How To Store Your CBD Oil Securely

A quick search online will show you a plethora of CBD oils packaged in dark glass vials. These glasses might not be the most appealing, but they are important in preserving the quality of their contents.

The dark glass prevents UV rays from penetrating the CBD oil and damaging it.

You will also get a dropper included to help you serve without contaminating the oil, although many spray applicators are just as effective.

If you’re decanting a larger bottle of CBD oil into smaller containers, do your best to ensure that they also use a dark coloured glass similar to the original bottle.

This also lends itself to the other vital factor of CBD oil bottles: the seal. Any good CBD oil will come with a tight fitting lid and an applicator that forms a watertight seal when in place.

This seal minimises the amount of air the CBD oil is exposed to, helping the oil to last even longer. A damaged or faulty seal will allow air to leak in, causing the CBD in the oil to degrade at a much faster rate.

Both the colour and seal of a CBD oil bottle can make a huge difference in the longevity of the oil within and how you need to store it, so be sure to check them if you’re purchasing your CBD oil in person.

If shopping online, check the reputation of the brand and manufacturer to get an idea of the quality of bottle to expect.

If your bottle becomes damaged whilst using it, decant the oil into a new container as quickly as possible so long as it is safe to do so.


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How To Store Your CBD Oil Safely

When it comes to storing your CBD oil safely, you'll want to keep it in a dark space that's cool (21°C or below) with the lid tightly secured.

Such places include:

  • Cupboards
  • Drug Cabinets
  • Drawers
  • Storage Boxes

When on the move finding how to store your CBD oil safely can be problematic, particularly during the summer. If you find it convenient, stash your product in a small thermos flask that can maintain its temperature.

Otherwise, put it in a briefcase, gym bag, or purse to keep it hidden from the sun. It’s a good idea to avoid darker colour bags in this case, as a lighter bag won’t get as hot when in direct sunlight.

Your CBD oil can be used at room temperature but if you like it cold, refrigerating isn’t a bad idea. However, always remember to check the storage guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Some CBD oils contain several other ingredients that may benefit from being chilled. If they insist that you should refrigerate the product, then that’s what you'll need to do.



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Storing Other CBD Products

CBD oil is one of the most popular ways of taking CBD on the market, but it’s far from the only one. Many other CBD infused products exist and are widely used across the world.

Just like with CBD oils, the way you store these CBD products is vital to avoiding premature spoiling.

CBD Capsules

While CBD capsules contain CBD oil, storing them is not as demanding as CBD oil. They usually have a thin coat of protection that keeps them safe from air damage.

All you need to do is store them at room temperature and away from light.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles have different requirements for storage based on precisely what kind of edible they are. CBD brownies and cookies tend to have a much shorter shelf life due to their baked nature, whilst CBD gummies can last as long as a CBD oil.

Some edibles will need to be refrigerated, whilst other simply require a cool, dark place to avoid overexposure to light and air.

With edibles the risk of contamination is even worse than with oils, so be sure to keep your CBD edibles free from potential contaminants and store them as you would any conventional food product.

CBD Vape Juices

Just like CBD oils, CBD e-liquids contain very few organic components beyond the CBD itself. PG, VG and e-liquid flavourings all have naturally long shelf-lives when stored correctly, so most CBD e-liquids come with a 2 year expiration date.

Just like CBD oils, you should keep your CBD vape juice upright and sealed tight, avoiding unnecessary light exposure and in a place with a consistently cool temperature.

CBD Skincare

If you’ve bought CBD skincare products like rubs, lotions and body creams, they should come in containers designed to last long term. When kept in their containers and in good condition, most should make it easily to that two-year mark.

As always make sure you keep them in cool, dark, and dry places. In this case humidity is a particular concern, as any CBD skincare products left in a bathroom without a properly sealed lid risk losing their effectiveness due to excessive moisture.

For example, keeping your CBD muscle rub in the shower could have a detrimental effect due to the sheer amount of heat and water it is exposed to. In cases like this be sure to wipe down the bottle and put it back in the cupboard after use.

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How To Store CBD Oil: Summary

Everyone deserves to enjoy their CBD oil to the very last drop. To do just that you’ll need to make sure that you store it properly.

The key factor is always to protect against light, contamination, temperature, and heat. Being careless with the way you store your CBD oil is a quick way to spoil it long before its official expiration date, not to mention gradually degrading the quality of your oil in a short period of time.

If you can take the basic steps we’ve outline here, you’ll be able to keep your CBD oil in top condition for as long as possible.


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