Exploring the Different Ways to Take CBD

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Taking CBD

The CBD market has exploded in popularity over the last decade. As scientists and consumers discover more about the benefits of CBD, companies like Orange County are determined to make it accessible for everyone. 

That’s why today, we’re exploring different ways to take CBD. We’ll talk you through each option, explaining what products best suit the needs of particular customers and situations. 

Read on to find out all we know! 

1. Sublingual (Tinctures)

To take CBD sublingually, you place a couple of CBD oil drops under the tongue and wait thirty seconds for it to absorb. Then, you swallow the remaining oil. It’s that simple! 

Consuming CBD sublingually is great for those who want to feel the effects faster. The chemical enters your bloodstream quicker and avoids the digestive tract. 

That’s why full or broad-spectrum CBD oils are a great way to get a quick fix of delicious CBD. Choose the perfect dosage to suit your day and take it discreetly with a sublingual CBD tincture. 

2. Ingesting Edibles 

Have you got a sweet tooth? CBD gummies kill two birds with one stone: they satisfy your sugar cravings whilst providing a slow-burning CBD effect. Compared to CBD oils, CBD edibles take a lot longer to kick in. 

Your liver and stomach must first metabolise CBD gummies, meaning they have a delayed effect on the body. CBD edibles are convenient for users who need a dose during work hours or want to feel gradually relaxed throughout the day.

Plus, CBD gummies come in countless shapes, sizes and flavours. Do you have a favourite childhood sweet? Choose from our range of CBD Gummy Rings, CBD Gummy Strawberries or our multi-flavoured CBD Gummy Bears

They are discrete, diverse and, most of all, tasty!

3. Inhalation (Vaping)

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the fast-acting method of CBD consumption: vaping! The CBD vape juice in your E-Cigarette is sent straight to your lungs and bloodstream. 

Within 10 minutes, you’ll be feeling calm and collected. CBD vape juices are the fastest way to deliver a high concentration of CBD and are compatible with most vaping devices. 

However, CBD vape juices work better with low-wattage devices. So if you own a vape tank that has between 5-30 watts, you can reap the benefits of your CBD vape juice without potentially burning the liquid. 

4. Topical Balms / Creams

Do you suffer from aching muscles, dry skin or even migraines? CBD topicals are creams designed to soothe areas of the body that are aching, sore or inflamed. CBD creams are easy to use and are a great way to target localised pain. 

Perhaps you’re an athlete recovering from a particularly gruelling training session. CBD topicals can relieve aches and pains whilst being a discreet way to use CBD-infused products. 

If you want a longer-lasting effect, you’ll have to choose a CBD cream with a high dosage and apply it generously. CBD topicals are also suitable for easing the effects of certain skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis. 

Choose Orange County for your CBD needs!

Have you tried all the products on our list? Perhaps you’re a pro-CBD vaper but have yet to dip your toe into CBD skincare. Or maybe you love CBD gummies but are thinking about trying CBD oil for a quicker effect. 

Whether new to CBD or a veteran user, Orange County thinks it’s time you discover what works best for you. Browse our diverse range of products and find something that piques your interest. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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