Are CBD Gummies Safe to Take?

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red, orange and yellow CBD gummy sweets. are cbd gummies safe to take?

There are many CBD gummies on the market, but none quite like Orange County’s! Unlike others, which come with the distinct bitter aftertaste of hemp, ours taste just like your favourite childhood sweets, making taking your daily dose of CBD an absolute nostalgic joy!

But are CBD gummies safe to take? What dose of CBD do you get when you take CBD gummies? And can you take CBD gummies long-term?

In this blog, we’ll be covering all this and more, so you can feel confident in enjoying your CBD in the form of a delicious sweet treat!


The Safety of CBD Gummies Explained

Safety is of course paramount when it comes to your wellbeing, so you may be wondering if CBD gummies are safe to take. Of course, just like with any CBD products authorised by the FSA (Food Standards Agency), the answer is yes! CBD gummies are perfectly safe for adults to enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle.

There are some points to take into account with CBD gummies that you might not usually consider with oral CBD drops. The first key point is sugar content. Our gummies are just like your favourite classic sweets! They taste amazing, making taking CBD easy and a total pleasure.

This does mean that if you’re diabetic or have any other reasons you’re avoiding sugar, this might not be the CBD product for you. Other than that, CBD gummies are a great way to take CBD in reasonably high concentrations without having to remember to top up so regularly throughout the day, as you might wish with an oil or vape.


Gummies Offer High Concentrations of CBD Oil in One Go. Do They Provide a Safe Dose of CBD?

You may have noticed that Orange County CBD gummies come in a variety of doses, and a single sweet can provide a pretty high concentration of CBD. There’s a good reason for this!

When you take CBD in the form of a food, it has to go through the digestive process before it gets into your bloodstream. This is quite different from CBD oil (when properly allowed to absorb under the tongue) or CBD vapes, which enter the bloodstream almost instantly.

As CBD gummies must go through the digestive process first, which takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on your metabolism, the amount of CBD that eventually becomes available in your body to use (bioavailability) ends up being much lower. Because of this, it’s important that the dose is higher to take that decrease in potency into account.

However, this doesn’t mean you’re getting less CBD for your money! Some studies show that when CBD goes through the digestive process, it actually becomes easier for your body to utilise, as it binds to certain fatty compounds, enhancing its ability to be used and absorbed.

As well as this, digested CBD remains active in the body for longer – around 4 to 6 hours, as opposed to 2 to 3 hours which is the case for CBD oral drops, and 1 to 2 hours for vapes.


What Are The Adverse Side Effects of CBD Gummies?

As with all regulated CBD products in the UK, CBD gummies are deemed to be perfectly safe to use, do not contain any controlled substances and, if used within the recommended dosing guide and as instructed, you can expect no adverse side effects.

It's important to recognise that, unless prescribed by a doctor, CBD products are dietary supplements, not medicine. So, while some CBD products are approved by the FDA for conditions such as multiple sclerosis, CBD oil is not the same as medical cannabis.

If you have any questions about adverse side effects, long-term use of CBD or drug interactions, be sure to talk to your doctor before using CBD gummies.


How to Take CBD Gummies

Just like all CBD products, you’ll experience the best results with CBD gummies if you take them regularly and consistently. CBD oil in any form doesn’t provide an immediate ‘quick fix’. The benefits so many people rave about come from an accumulative effect so (you’ll be delighted to hear!) the best way to use CBD gummies is to eat a few every day. Yum!

To keep the effects of CBD active in your system, try taking one CBD gummy at a time, about 4 hours apart. It will be hard to stop at one, we know! But remember, although these may taste just like regular sweets they’re packed full of our potent CBD oil.

You can layer up your CBD products, too! Why not try taking a couple of CBD gummies a day as your baseline dose, and topping up throughout the day with one of our CBD/CBG vapes?

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