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Inspired by the Golden State

Orange County CBD is a wellness supplement brand in the UK. Which sounds like gobbledygook, we know. It means we're here to help people be the very best version of themselves. To give them a fighting chance in a world full of early mornings, stressful meetings, first dates, moody neighbours, sleepless nights and nagging injuries that just won’t go away.

Right now, Martha the Mixologist is working hard in our lab to bring our world-famous CBD products to life. She's whipping up CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD vapes and even CBD skincare just for our CBD shop.

Fancy giving them a go? Order your CBD online and leave Martha some feedback when you're in such a good mood you're getting on everyone's nerves.

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The CBD Shop On a Mission


What’s the mission?

It’s pretty simple. We’re here to bring more good days to everyone. Especially you. Yeah, you.

We’re doing that by helping you infuse your life with the highest quality CBD products in the UK - and the world. We know life gets crazy, but if we can have a positive impact on your everyday, we can sleep at night knowing we’ve done our bit.

We’ve won more awards than any other CBD brand on the planet. Which means we’re not the only ones that think we’re the best.

Our cabinet is sparkling with 22 international awards right now - but there’s always room for more. Wink wink. Some of our proudest accomplishments so far include:

Best CBD Brand: 2021 Cannavist Awards

Best CBD Edibles: 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup

Product of the Year: 2020 Cannavist Awards


Our love story with California

In 2019, our founders jumped in a VW and explored Route 66. In the midst of tasty BBQ, fluffy pancakes, vast canyons and the museums and landmarks that call to every tourist, they came across fields of the world’s best hemp.

That’s when inspiration struck. If they could source premium CBD grown under the Cali sun on certified hemp farms, and combine that with the ingenuity of British manufacturing, they’d be able to provide an unrivalled CBD experience  for the UK.

Stringent quality control and advanced extraction methods mean our products are cleaner and more powerful than most others on the market.


What goes down in our CBD UK lab

We’re one of only a handful of UK CBD companies that manufactures everything in-house. Martha the Mixologist and the rest of the Orange County team are constantly finding tastier and more convenient ways you can boost your lifestyle with CBD.

Our mark of quality is our commitment to third-party lab testing every step of the way. We’re also the first CBD manufacturer to print QR codes that link to lab reports on every single product, so you can see exactly what goes into your CBD goodies.


Craving something good?

That’s where we come in. We love seeing the difference our CBD products make to our customers’ lives across the globe. From supporting a better sleep-wake cycle to helping to manage stress, aid relaxation, enhance beauty routines and generally instilling the feel-good factor, it’s no wonder more people are making CBD a part of their everyday life.

When you order CBD online, you know our products are made with high-quality cannabinoids and 0% THC. So the only thing you’ll be high on is life.


Where should you start?

Not sure whether you should chew it, swallow it, vape it or massage it? We get it. Newcomers to the CBD world usually have a heap of questions when it comes to getting started.

If you need some CBD advice or want to speak to a member of Team OC, just give us a buzz. We know an embarrassing amount about CBD and we’d love to help you out. (i.e. chew your ear off for a while.)

Okay - we’re done blowing our own trumpet now. Let’s let other people do it for us. Check out our customer reviews on Trustpilot.

We are approved and regulated by the Cannabis Trades Association who are guided by the MHRA and Home Office.