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1000mg CBD E-Liquid Vape Shot (10ml)


Want to augment your favourite vape juice with a kick of CBD? Our vape additive is the ideal way to do so. Made with a standardised blend of carrier liquid and our award-winning CBD, this is the easiest way to give your regular e-liquid that perfect CBD buzz.

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Product Description

A great addition to our award-winning CBD e-liquids range, our CBD vape shot helps to bring our signature CBD goodness to the entire vaping community.

Containing 1000mg of our award-winning CBD, our CBD vape juice additive couldn’t be easier to use.

Pre-mixed and balanced for perfect consistency it’s ready to be added into any conventional e-liquid. With this in your arsenal, you’ll be able to give your favourite e-liquid a potent CBD kick.

Our CBD is formulated using a cutting-edge process designed to isolate and remove any unwanted compounds.

As well as simplifying the process of limiting THC content in order to meet legal requirements, we’re able to ensure that only the finest CBD ends up in your CBD e-liquid vape additive.

This supplementary product is the ideal way to round off any avid CBD vaper’s collection. If you’re new to the world of CBD vaping, adding a shot of CBD to a tank of your favourite vape juice can be the perfect way to see if vaping CBD is for you.

Lab Report 

THC Level Undetectable




1000mg CBD Carrier Oil (Contains 0mg Nicotine).

1000mg CBD E-Liquid Vape Shot (10ml)
Single Pack

What Our Customers Think

Love this cbd shot

Love this cbd vape. Really highly recommended if you want to top up to a higer strength. These vapes really help with pain and tastes great. 


Why Choose Our

1000mg CBD E-Liquid Vape Shot (10ml)?

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Quality CBD

The CBD we use to make our CBD vape juice additive is the same award-winning compound that goes into our award-winning Cali range. Sourced from the highest quality plants and extracted using advanced, solvent-free methods, the CBD is then isolated to ensure a pure experience. We make sure that only the finest CBD makes it into your CBD vape shot.

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Perfectly Blended

Our CBD e-liquid vape additive is perfectly blended to mix smoothly into the vast majority of vape juices. Using a careful balance of VG and PG to form its carrier liquid, our CBD vape juice additive will seamlessly blend with the vast majority of e-liquids, ensuring no chance in taste or consistency.

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Smooth & Flavourless

Our CBD e-liquid vape additive is designed to be added to your favourite vape juice without disrupting its taste or consistency. That’s why, as well as a smooth blend that will mix well into most e-liquids, our CBD vape juice additive is entirely flavourless.

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Easy To Use

Our CBD vape juice additive couldn’t be easier for any experienced vaper to use. CBD has a very high heat tolerance, meaning that even the hottest coils can be used to vape our CBD e-liquid vape additive without worry. No special coils or setting needed: just mix it in and vape away.

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