What Are CBD Edibles?

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What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are exactly what they say on the tin - delicious edible products that have been infused with the same premium CBD you’ll find in the rest of our catalogue. Edibles can include CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD drinks and much more. As well as being individually measured -so you know exactly how much CBD you’re taking- many of our customers CBD edibles as they come with a familiar texture and an irresistible taste.

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Benefits Of Using CBD Edibles

There are many benefits of taking your CBD in edible form, from the fact that they’re easy to take to their discreet shape -which is perfect for dosing throughout the day - all the way to their delicious flavours. Alongside their powerful impact, CBD edibles have become both incredibly popular and offer a huge range of choice.

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Are CBD Edibles Legal?

Yes, CBD edibles are completely legal in the UK. This assumes that the edibles contain less than 0.2% THC, the legal limit for this substance. When taken in large quantities THC can cause a psychoactive effect -the 'high' associated with some cannabis products. If THC content remains below 0.2% no such effect will occur. Here at Orange County all of our edibles remain entirely within the legal limit, so you can enjoy your CBD with confidence.

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CBD Edibles Strength

Our extensive range of CBD edibles are available in a variety of different strengths, ranging from 400mg to 4800mg per tub, depending on what style you choose. The specific CBD concentration of each of our CBD edibles is stated clearly on our innovative peel and reveal packaging, making it eminently easy to keep track of your dosing.

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How Many CBD Edibles Should I Take?

The amount of CBD that suits each person can vary greatly. Your ideal dose will depend both on your own body and the effects you’re hoping to get. With CBD edibles you should always start small, taking a few low-dose gummies or capsules and giving them enough time to have full effect before taking any more.

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What Do CBD Edibles Do?

CBD edibles provide you with a discreet and slow-releasing way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. 

For example, CBD gummies are perfect due to their long lasting nature, making them a great choice for aiding relaxation and promoting a good night’s sleep. CBD edibles are also super convenient and can be consumed on-the-go during busy days.

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How Long Does It Take For CBD Edibles To Kick In?

It can take CBD edibles anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours before their full effect kicks in.

Generally speaking CBD edibles are a slower way of dosing CBD, however this gradual release means that their effects tend to last much longer.

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