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Low Strength CBD

A low strength product is the perfect way for a newcomer to enter the world of CBD. Effective without being overwhelming, this is the best way to figure out your own unique CBD needs.

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Low Strength CBD

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Perfect For Beginners

A low strength CBD product is the perfect way to start your journey into the world of CBD. Easy to measure and easy to apply, light strength CBD products are the perfect thing for beginners. Thanks to their fast impact and precisely measured nature, a new CBD user can use lower strength CBD products to find their own ideal dosage relatively quickly. Whether it’s a flavoured broad-spectrum gummy or a focused full-spectrum oil you’re looking for, our low strength CBD products are the best way to get into CBD.
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Multiple CBD Products

Our low strength CBD products can be applied in several different ways, allowing you to tailor your CBD experience to exactly your needs. Sublingual application is the fastest and most effective way to take low strength CBD oil. This involves holding the oil beneath the tongue, allowing it to enter the bloodstream via capillaries in the mouth. Topical application involves applying CBD directly to the skin to produce a targeted effect that will only impact that specific area of the body. Edible application involves adding CBD to a food product and ingesting it.
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Easy To Use

Low strength CBD products are one of the easiest CBD products to use. Their straightforward nature and simple design means that they can be enjoyed by virtually anyone. The most common way to use light strength CBD products involves applying CBD oil directly beneath the tongue. This allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream via capillaries in the mouth, spreading throughout the body to deliver a fast and intense effect even at the lowest strengths.
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Both Spectrums Available

Our low strength CBD products come in both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum forms, providing you with two distinct options for dosing your CBD. Whilst the full-spectrum range may contain trace amounts of THC, both of our ranges use the same high quality CBD that has made our brand so successful. Our broad-spectrum CBD oils come with a kick of flavour, available as either apple, mint or wild cherry flavoured oils. Meanwhile our full-spectrum range focuses on experience first and foremost, offering you an unflavoured CBD experience that utilises a full profile of cannabinoids.
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