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High Strength CBD

The strongest CBD on the planet has arrived. We’ve been busy whipping up high-strength CBD oils, gummies and capsules to maximise the experience and minimise the bad days.


Why Choose Our

High Strength CBD

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Want to take it up a notch?

Been here before (we thought we recognised you) or just searching for high-strength CBD so you can skip straight to the best results? We’ve packed our award-winning CBD in the highest ever concentrations into each of these products, for the fastest and most powerful way to get your daily dose. Whether you’re chewing it, dropping it or knocking it back with water, when you buy high-strength CBD oil, you need a little less to feel a little more - for a longer-lasting product and next-level value. 

Recommended for more seasoned users.

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Full spectrum support

We’re here to fulfil all of your desires. If that desire is to find the strongest CBD oil you can buy in the UKOur full-spectrum CBD oil benefits from a full profile of naturally occurring cannabinoids for the most intense impact you’ll come across. While you’re here, you can also grab a bottle of broad-spectrum CBD oil with a 12,000mg strength. 

This one’s a favourite amongst athletes - from boxers to ballet dancers - and Orange County CBD is the only place you can get it. 

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Your CBD, your way

How do you take yours? It’s all about finding the little ways CBD can fit nicely into your lifestyle, and our high-strength CBD products can be taken in all sorts of ways. For high-strength CBD oil, drop it under your tongue, into your muesli or even into your mojito (we won’t tell anyone). Those with a sweet tooth will love our juicy gummies. At 30-46 mg per sweet, they’re the strongest CBD gummies on the market. Our high-strength CBD capsules are good for consistent, easy dosing - just pop them in your mouth and knock them back with water. For a localised, skin-deep effect when your muscles have been working overtime, some of this collection can be applied topically.


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The stronger, the better?

It depends. Jumping straight into the strongest CBD oils you can buy isn’t always the best approach. The strong stuff is best for those with some CBD experience under their belt. Not to nag, but we always recommend starting with small doses and building up to a consistent, bespoke routine that works for you. The potency of high-strength CBD means you need less to feel the effects, so it’s often more cost-effective. Whether you’re here because of a nagging pain or because you feel off-your-game mentally, buy high-strength CBD oil for the products that pack the biggest punch.

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