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High Strength CBD

Looking for the strongest CBD oils on the market? Here at Orange County we offer a selection of super high strength CBD oils that are guaranteed to pack a punch! Shop online today for free UK delivery! 


Why Choose Our

High Strength CBD

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For The Masters

Want the absolute peak CBD experience? Our high strength products are for you! Made for seasoned CBD users who want to see fast and powerful results, these products have more award-winning CBD packed into them than ever before. Perfect for a wide range of CBD dosing methods, if you know your own CBD routine comprehensively and want to take it up to that final level, these high strength CBD products are exactly what you need.
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Full Spectrum Support

The strongest of our ultra-strength CBD products use full-spectrum CBD to deliver you the most intense of experiences. Benefitting from a full profile of naturally occurring cannabinoids, high strength CBD products take full advantage of the entourage effect to enhance the already impressive impact of their CBD. The result is one of the most intense CBD experiences possible, with a highly concentrated dose of cannabinoids that hits with the greatest impact possible.
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Multiple Uses

Our high strength CBD products can be used in several different ways, giving them an even greater range of appeal. Sublingual application is the most popular way to use our high strength CBD oils. When held under the tongue the oil enters the bloodstream via capillaries in the mouth, giving you a fast and impactful CBD hit. High strength CBD gummies are another popular way to consume high strength CBD. Ultra-strength CBD products can also be applied topically for a localised, skin-deep effect.
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Ease Of Use

If you already have a wealth of CBD experience under your belt, you will know just how easy it is to use CBD products. Whilst our high strength CBD products may need to be measured more carefully due to their potency, that doesn’t make them any harder to use. Thanks to their precise nature our ultra-strength CBD products can be carefully measured to ensure your CBD dose is as accurate as possible. This allows you to build up a consistent and bespoke CBD routine that works for you.
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