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Award Winning CBD

We know that our CBD is the best there is, but it’s always nice to have proof. Our award-winning products represent the very best that our CBD catalogue has to offer.

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Award Winning CBD

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Award Winning

Our award-winning CBD products have won us 18 industry awards to date, making us one of the most decorated CBD manufacturers in the world. From the coveted 'Best Tincture' and 'Product of the Year' at the 2020 Cannavist Awards, to the unconventional titles of 'Best Innovation' and 'Best Packaging', the quality of our work shines through at every stage. We’re immensely proud of our award-winning CBD, believing firmly that it proves the quality of our products beyond all question.
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International Awards

At Orange County CBD, we're proud to say that our products have gained themselves a notorious reputation right across the world. Our award-winning CBD has given us recognition from a huge range of industry authorities, from the experts at the Cannavist Awards to their vaping counterparts at the Ecigclick Awards. Each and every award has helped to spread our reputation a little further across the globe. We’re perhaps most proud of our 2nd place at the High Times 2021 Cannabis Cub, for our already award-winning CBD gummies. With such a prestigious award to our name, this success has helped cement our reputation in both the UK and internationally.
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Quality & Innovation

Quality is always our top priority, something that our award-winning CBD has proved beyond doubt. With the sheer number of first place awards won from a wide selection of different authorities, it's clear that focusing on quality has truly paid off. But we don't just stop there, at Orange County CBD we’re always seeking new ways to make our products excel. From improvements in product design and ingredients to revolutionising the way we extract our CBD, we always put innovation at the forefront of our products. Even our packaging has won us awards, because every element of our CBD deserves to be the best.
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Customer Testimonials

At Orange County CBD, we're really proud of our multiple industry awards, but when it comes to popularity it's the opinion of our customers that really matters. Our products all have overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. From our strongest CBD oils to our CBD edibles, our CBD e-liquids and our CBD topicals - whether you’re seeking something smooth to ease you into the world of CBD, or a step up to the next level of your journey, our customer testimonials mean you can always shop from us with confidence.
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