Can You Vape After A Tooth Extraction?

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Can you vape after a tooth extraction?

Unfortunately for most people, going to the dentist is just another part of life that most of us dread.

If you have been booked in for tooth extraction, you’ll no doubt be aware of the many things you should and shouldn’t do before and after the surgical extraction, but how does this affect you if you’re a vaper? Can you vape after a tooth extraction?

Let's find out.


Dry Socket & Vaping

Tooth extraction is a painful process, so making it as comfortable as possible is essential to both your wellbeing and aiding in faster recovery times.

Although it may be tempting, if you vape after tooth extraction, you are greatly increasing your chances of getting a dry socket. This is a complication of the healing process that can be extremely painful.

To help with recovery, your body develops a blood clot where the tooth was removed to protect your gums and assist with healing. This blood clot can sometimes shift in your gums, becoming a dry socket. When you draw on a vape, it causes negative pressure in your mouth, which could in turn pull the clot from the extraction.

A dry socket after tooth extraction can be an extremely painful experience. This can make healing all the more complicated, so it would be in your best interest to avoid vaping for a good while after you have a tooth extraction.

Vaping After A Tooth Extraction

There are many factors that will increase your risk of developing a dry socket after extraction. For example:

  • Solid food: Tough and crunchy food can be the cause of a dry socket.
  • Use of straws: Air suction can cause a dry socket.
  • Oral hygiene: If you develop a gum infection after tooth extraction, this can cause a dry socket.

Although all of the above will rocket your chances of getting a dry socket, vaping after tooth extraction is one of the leading causes of a dry socket. Even with the help of CBD vape juices in dealing with pain, it's simply not worth vaping during this time. If you avoid vaping for at least 72 hours after your surgery, there's a significant increase in your chances of a trouble-free recovery.

If you're looking for a CBD fix during this recovery period, we can recommend a CBD oil or a CBD topical to keep you going. CBD gummies would likely cause similar problems as other chewy foods, but you might find that a CBD capsule is perfect for a powerful CBD hit that won't interfere with your healing gums.



We know how tempting it may be to vape after a visit to the dentist, so we hope this has made it clear just how bad of an idea that can be. You should always follow the advice of your doctor or dentist when recovering from any kind of surgery, so seek their input before taking anything else during your recovery period.

We hope that we've given you all of the information you need to make an informed decision after your procedure.

Once you’ve recovered from your tooth extraction, you’ll be able to finally vape again!


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