Tips for Dry January: Can CBD Help You Stay Sober?

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Tips for Dry January: Can CBD Help You Stay Sober?

If you’re attempting Dry January, or are still considering jumping on the bandwagon, let this be your inspiration…

At the beginning of last year, a 90-page report from the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) dropped a bombshell. After extensive research, it was found that any more than two ‘standard drinks’ (a 341ml serving of 5% alcohol beer or a 142ml glass of 12% alcohol wine) significantly increase the risk of various cancers, stroke and heart disease. It actually stated that no amount of alcohol is safe.

Since then, Canadian drinking guidelines have changed. But British recommendations remain the same - no more than 14 units (6 175ml glasses of wine, or 6 pints of 4% beer) per week.

However, according to Alcohol Change UK, the average consumption per UK adult is about 9.7 litres of pure alcohol per year (around 18 units a week), and alcohol misuse remains the biggest risk factor for death, ill health and disability among 15-49 year-olds in the UK.

These alarming stats should be enough to make anyone think twice about how much alcohol they’re consuming, and the harm they’re inflicting on themselves. But in a culture where drinking is often synonymous with socialising, it can be tough to kick the habit.

Fortunately, there are ways to support yourself through Dry January, to help you stay off the booze all month (and maybe beyond) for a healthier, happier 2024.


The Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

Understanding the impact alcohol has on your body and the positive effect of stopping drinking might be all the incentive you need to switch your usual tipple to a soft drink (we’ll take ours CBD infused!). So much good can come from even a month without alcohol, here are some examples…

Better Sleep: Although alcohol can knock you out, the kind of sleep you get when drinking regularly is not particularly high quality. When you go without booze during Dry January, you’ll likely notice that your sleeping pattern will improve, and as a result, your energy levels will increase too!

Brighter Skin: It will probably come as no surprise to learn that drinking alcohol does not help you look your best.

Boosted immunity: Alcohol has been shown to increase the susceptibility of drinks to bacterial and viral infections, as well as weakening the immune system overall. But the good news is, your immune system will start to improve after just a few days of not drinking.


How to Quit Drinking

Here are some effective ways you can quit drinking or control your drinking habits:


Switch Alcohol for a CBD-infused Drink

Switching your usual drink to a lovely non-alcoholic option can help kick the habit, just like smoking cessation aids can support you in quitting smoking. Many people like to swap booze for a CBD-infused drink - but is there any real benefit to doing this?

If you’re hoping that a CBD-infused drink will make you feel in any way inebriated, you’ll be disappointed. CBD won’t make you feel high or drunk in any way - only a cannabis-infused drink containing THC will do that, but they’re illegal in the UK.

However, just like CBD oil a CBD drink will boost those bliss molecules (endocannabinoids). In addition to this, some studies have been exploring using CBD for alcoholism. The results showed that CBD effectively reduced stress relapse along with reducing anxiety and impulsivity.

Researchers in France and Belgium also peer-reviewed 26 studies spanning 44 years exploring the effect CBD had on animals who had been administered ethanol via a ‘self-serve’ push lever.

Overall, the results showed that the test subjects reduced alcohol consumption and were also less likely to relapse when treated with regular doses of CBD, even under stress.


Create a Support Group

It’s always easier to reach your goals if you’re supported by others, so try to rope someone else into doing the Dry January challenge with you! If it’s a friend you usually go out with, you can help each other avoid being tempted to fall into the usual routine.


Use the Try Dry App

The Try Dry app is free to download and packed with stuff to help you steer clear of alcohol during January (and beyond!). You can track the calories and money you’ve saved throughout the month, earn badges to reach goals, monitor your sleep and energy levels and loads more.


Be Kind to Yourself

So you’ve decided to try Dry January, but slipped up two weeks in - now what? There’s no need to panic or berate yourself! Just accept you had a blip, then come back to your practice.

This is a great rule for just about everything in life. No need for an ‘all or nothing’ approach, if you falter, shrug it off and recommit. There’s a whole lot of strength in doing that, too.


Stock up on CBD Gummies

Sugar cravings are common when quitting alcohol, and eating sweets can help keep you dry because not only will this boost your blood sugar levels, but sugar activates the brain’s reward centre, just like booze! By treating yourself to a stash of CBD gummies, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of CBD while also taking care of that itch.

Want to know more about Dry January? Visit Alcohol Change UK for information and support.

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