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How To Stop A Vape From Spitting

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How To Stop A Vape From Spitting

Vape spitting is unfortunately a fairly common experience amongst vapers.

Though it is perhaps more common amongst newcomers, spit-backs can happen to even experienced vapers without much warning.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been vaping, experiencing a hot vape spit-back will be a frustrating and unpleasant ordeal. The good news is that, whist vape spitting is frustrating, it isn’t inevitable.

With a little attention to detail it’s possible to figure out the causes of this problem and avoid it in the future.

We’ll help you to better understand vape spitting, what causes it and how to stop it so that you enjoy your vaping experience with peace of mind

 What Is Vape Spitting?

Has your vaping device ever spat hot vape juice into your mouth when trying to take a puff? That’s what vape spitting is.

Also referred to as vape spit-back, vape spitting can happen when there is too much juice in the centre of your coil.

When this happens, the device cannot vaporise the vape juice fully. This causes it to pop or bubble just like boiling water.

The vape juice then shoots up from the centre of the tank, through the mouthpiece and spills into your mouth. Whilst vape spitting is not dangerous, the juice can be hot and very uncomfortable to feel in your mouth.

Too much of it may also cause you to feel nauseous, though you would have to ingest a very large quantity to make you physically sick. On top of all this the waste of your e-liquid is another frustrating part of this problem.


Causes & Solutions

No one is a fan of vape spitting, which is why it’s important to figure out the causes of the spit and solve it as soon as possible.

Whilst not exhaustive, these are some of the reasons why you may experience vape spitting and how to stop it.

Avoid Flooded Vape Coils

A flooded vape coil is simply a coil that is inundated with e-liquid. Coils tend to flood if the device remains unused for some hours, or if it has been lain on its side.

When the coil in your device is flooded with e-liquid, the device will spit and you will experience less airflow, less vapour, and likely hear a persistent gurgling sound.

When this happens you will likely experience a small amount of vape spitting and hear those gurgling sounds as you take the first few puffs.

After these initial drags however the coil should be clear of excess e-liquid and the problem should quickly clear up by itself.

To avoid this kind of vape spitting, try your best to keep your device upright and ensure you have not overfilled the tank.

Replace Defective Coils

If the vape spit-back is persistent, you may be dealing with a defective coil. If the coil is not heating the juice at the right wattage, less juice will be vaporized, leading to vape spitting.

This is especially likely if you can taste a burnt or bitter flavour when you vape.

Ensure that you are using the right coil for your device and replace any worn out coils immediately to avoid this issue.

Drain Excess Juice In The Chimney

In an ideal set-up you will inhale all the vapour produced by a drag of your device. But this doesn’t always happen, so the remaining vapour condenses as your device cools and turns back into e-liquid.

This can happen in the mouthpiece or tank's centre post, the area around the coil. When it happens the e-liquid runs down into the centre of the coil and causes spit-backs.

To stop this kind of vape spitting, carefully clean out any excess fluid using a paper towel before use.

Flick The Tank

One of the easiest ways of removing the excess vape juice from the centre of the tank is to give the tank a short, sharp flick downwards. This should shake out any loose fluid remaining from a previous vape.

Make sure the tank lid is firmly screwed in place before you do this. Try to do it over a sink and be sure to wipe off the juice from the mouthpiece using a paper towel, otherwise this excess juice will simply start spitting into your mouth as soon as you take a drag.

To keep the coil as clear as possible, try to flick the tank every time you fill it or before using a new coil.

Reduce Airflow

Taking long or deep inhales can sometimes pull too much juice into the coil than it can handle. This can also happen if you constantly leave the airflow open, as the tank depressurises and the e-liquid is pulled up through the mouthpiece.

To stop airflow related spit-backs, take smaller drags or switch to a direct lung coil if you like to take longer inhales. It would help if you also remembered to close off the airflow partially, as this will help to stabilise the pressure difference.

Do Not Over Prime The Coil

While it is necessary to prime a new coil to help saturate the wicking material quickly and prevent it from burning when dry, over-priming will cause a vape to spit for the same reason that flooding will.

So when you are priming make sure to add the e-liquid to the coil a drop at a time and carefully watch the wicking material through the holes located on the side of the coil.

Do not add any more e-liquid once the cotton starts to darken.

Fire The Battery Before You Inhale

Before you take a puff, hold down the start button on the device to fire it. Do this several times for a few seconds until you hear a popping sound.

Firing the battery will help vaporise any excess juice that could have caused a spit-back. This is even more effective when done alongside a few sharp flicks of the tank.

Use A VG-Based Vape Juice

The specific type of e-liquid you use can also be a cause of vape spitting. Vape juices that contain a higher VG concentration are thicker, meaning that they soak into the wicking material more slowly and are less likely to spit-back.

E-liquids with a higher PG ratio are thinner and, since they soak into the wick more quickly, the coil is more likely to take in too much e-liquid which will cause it to spit.

Use The Right Power Level

If the vaping device you are using has variable wattages, you may find that certain power levels result in more vape spitting. When you use an extremely low power level the device will struggle to vaporise the liquid, which leads to vape spitting.

When using a very high wattage however your coil is much more likely to burn-out prematurely. To ensure that the coil always works optimally, use the correct wattage for your coil and your e-liquid.

It may take a few attempts to find the perfect setting, but carefully adjusting the wattage will give you the best chance of finding that ideal level.

Cover The Mouthpiece

If you find that vape spitting persists despite these initial fixes, you may want to find a way of covering the mouthpiece while you vape. Covering the base of the mouthpiece will help prevent spit-backs.

Many vaping manufacturers offer pipe screens with a fine mesh thin enough to fit under the mouthpiece which block e-liquid but will still allow vapour to pass through them.

This will ensure that you don’t have any excess liquid entering the mouthpiece as you drag.


The way you handle or store your vaping device can also cause spit-backs. If you leave you device upside down or on its side, the juice will leak into the mouthpiece and chimney and lead to vape spitting.

Always store your device upright. If it was lying on its side or upside down, flick it a few times and take some short puffs to help reduce the flooding.



These are the key fixes to some of the most common causes of vape spitting experienced by vapers today.

With these tips you should be able to stop most cases of vape spitting as they occur and give yourself the best chances of avoiding it in the first place.

Vape spitting is frustrating, but these simple tricks will ensure that you can enjoy vaping without the annoying sensation of hot e-liquid in the mouth.

Ultimately, your vaping experience will largely be as good as you are willing to make it. Remember to clean and maintain your device regularly, only vape reputable e-liquids and use quality parts when replacing those worn-out elements.

Vaping is meant to be enjoyed and there’s no reason that problems as easy to fix as vape spitting should get in the way of your experience.

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