How Does CBD Make You Feel?


Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a natural compound found within the cannabis plant. Commercial CBD is most commonly extracted from hemp, a strain of cannabis known for its lessened psychoactive properties.

It is because of this origin that CBD is often misunderstood regarding its effects upon a user.

Many people, who have either not tried CBD or not taken the time to learn about it, assume that it is an intoxicating substance that will get a user “high”.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

THC is the compound within cannabis that induces a “high” and will never be present in UK legal products in more than trace amounts. CBD itself has no psychoactive properties and therefore cannot get a user “high”.

So if it isn’t this psychoactive stimulation people are after, how does CBD oil make you feel?

What are its attractive qualities?

How does it feel when taken in the correct dosage, and what are the risks of taking too much?

These are all important questions for a beginner CBD user to ask.

Before we get into the varied nature of the CBD experience however, let’s clear the confusion that exists regarding CBD and its chemically similar cousin THC.


CBD oil contains extracted and refined Cannabidiol, alongside other cannabinoid extracts, combined with a carrier oil like MCT and the option of several artificial or natural flavourings.

Once mixed and confirmed for content and quality, this mixture is then often bottled in various concentrations before being released to the market.

Depending on how the CBD itself is extracted you can receive a range of different cannabinoid products.

You may receive an oil of isolate CBD (pure CBD with all other contents removed), a broad spectrum CBD oil (CBD containing a range of other compounds but excluding THC), and a full spectrum CBD oil (CBD with a range of accompanying cannabinoids including THC).

THC itself is another cannabis extract, one often found alongside CBD both within the cannabis plant and after initial extraction. As stated, THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the sensation of being “high” associated with illegal cannabis products.

Even though full spectrum CBD contains THC, it will only ever exist in trace amounts in all CBD products legally available in the UK. Therefore, you won’t feel intoxicated by taking full spectrum CBD oil and it certainly won’t get you “high”.

Sensation & Experience

Taking CBD oil has a lot of touted benefits, some of which are believed to be accurate whilst many others are still being studied for legitimacy. Although more research is needed before conclusive claims can be made, our current understanding indicates several potential benefits.

Those who have used CBD almost unanimously agree that sublingually applying CBD oil has the following common effects.

Less Anxious:

CBD is believed by some to help in the treatment of anxiety. Certain tests indicate that it plays a role in changing how receptors in the brain respond to the hormone serotonin, the compound responsible for stabilising mood and feelings.

One study revealed that CBD can help alleviate anxiety by relieving stress, improving symptoms of insomnia, stabilising the heart rate and averting the risk of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Pain Relief & Inflammation:

While most people use conventional drugs to treat pain and stiffness, some believe that CBD oil works as a natural alternative. CBD is believed to reduce inflammation by decreasing or even preventing the release of hormones that trigger the pain response. 

One 2019 study goes so far as to suggest that CBD oil holds potential in treating scarring and skin disease.

Feeling Peaceful:

Reduced anxiety will generally result in a feeling of peace and calm. Although more difficult to measure from an objective standpoint, many users have reported this feeling after taking CBD oil.

These results seem to be relatively long lasting when paired with consistent and regular use of CBD oil, a factor that is often touted as one of the key reasons why CBD oil enjoys its continued popularity.

More Focus:

Preliminary research suggests that CBD can help a user remain focused throughout the day. This is primarily through the aforementioned peaceful influence making it easier to ignore distractions.

CBD oil could also boost your mood to help you handle your daily tasks with greater ease.

Better Sleep:

Many CBD users believe that CBD oil can aide in sleep. This is why increasing numbers of people are turning to oil as an alternative natural supplement for sleep.

It goes without saying that a less anxious person will generally sleep longer and more deeply. If your mind races before you slumber, CBD oil may provide some assistance.

Feeling Better After A Workout:

Whether you love yoga or hitting it hard in the gym, there are chances you will be left feeling chronically sore after a session. If you are the kind that regrets this soreness, CBD oil could be of fantastic help. 

CBD muscle rubs in particular can help reduce joint and tissue pains after a workout, which may improve your performance and hasten your recovery. CBD oil is believed to lend a hand in easing the sensation of soreness, which is why so many athletes use it before and after their workouts. 

Side Effects

Like any supplement, CBD oil comes with several noted side effects. The lack of extended research into CBD use means that these effects are neither officially confirmed nor likely to experience, however their existence is recognised by CBD users the world over.

Drowsiness & Fatigue:

Continuous use of CBD oil for an extended period can result in feelings of drowsiness and fatigue. This is also likely to happen if you overdose on CBD oil.

Although CBD is non-intoxicating, never exceed the FSA recommended limit of 70mg of CBD in a single day.

Medication Interaction:

CBD has shown a tendency to interfere with certain types of medication such as steroids, antibiotics and antidepressants. Although direct reactions are not necessarily likely to happen, the presence of CBD can interfere with the uptake of these medicines.

If you take regular prescription medications never start a CBD regime without talking to your doctor. They are better placed to discuss alternative medication and whether you should use CBD products at all.

Reduced Appetite:

Most people report increased appetite after taking CBD and related products, but there is a small percentage of users who report reduced appetite. This symptom tends to fade with continued use of CBD oil.

If it does not fade or worsens with use, you should stop taking CBD oil and seek medical assistance from your doctor.

As well as these minor side effects, it is entirely possible to develop an allergic reaction to either CBD itself or another element with CBD oil. In these cases, as with in all cases of allergies, reactions can vary from the mild to the serious.

If you experience any minor allergic reactions, such as a mild nausea or dryness of the throat, we suggest you stop taking CBD oil.

In the cases of major reactions, such as dizziness or difficulty breathing, stop taking any CBD immediately and seek medical assistance.


CBD oil effects every user in a slightly different way, meaning that each CBD experience is unique. People use CBD for all manner of reasons, with its supposed benefits ranging from the recreational to the practical.

Improved focus, stress and anxiety relief, pain management and treatment for insomnia are all frequently cited reasons for CBD use.

In the end your CBD experience will be distinctly yours, with its specific impact only determined once you try it. CDB may have some uniform or frequent effects but the specifics of how it makes you feel will be known only to you.

The best thing you can do to ensure the quality of your experience is to make sure you buy from reputable, reliable CBD manufacturers. Be sure to carefully dose your CBD oil, but don’t be afraid to experiment, trying different doses and concentrations to see what works best for you.

Your CBD experience is wholly yours, so taking control of it in every aspect will give you the best experience possible.