Guide to CBD Bath Bombs

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Guide to CBD Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a relatively new addition in the CBD industry and can provide a different experience to regular bath bomb products, so we have decided to explain everything you need to know about CBD bath bombs in this blog post.

Read below to find out everything you need to know about CBD bath bombs.

What are CBD bath bombs?

Typically, regular bath bombs contain fragrances, essential oils and artistic ingredients coupled with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid to create an aesthetic fizzy explosion in your bath!

So, what is the difference with the bath bombs you see in the high street store compared to CBD bath bombs? it is simple... the only difference is CBD oil.

CBD bath bombs contain remarkably similar ingredients to ordinary bath bombs, but the only distinction is they contain either broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD extract. Broad spectrum CBD oil should contain no THC and full spectrum oil will only contain trace amounts.

Effects of CBD bath bombs

The benefits of using a CBD bath bomb have not been definitively proven but there is plenty of research, so we would encourage you to take the time to read all the information online if you are interested in learning about the effects of CBD bath bombs.

How to use CBD bath bombs

If you have already used a bath bomb before you are probably no stranger on how to use a CBD bath bomb! But anyway, below are some simple instructions for the optimal CBD bathing experience!

  1.  Fill your bath with warm water.
  2. Drop CBD bath bomb in the bath. It will begin to fizz.
  3. Move and swirl the CBD bath bomb around the bath.
  4. Finally, in your bath bomb has dissolved run it under the bath tap.

Once your bath bomb has finished fizzing, remember to take a photograph of your swirly CBD creation, and enjoy your CBD infused bath.

Best CBD bath bombs

There are hundreds of CBD bath bombs on the market for you to shop from. But before you even start shopping online, you need to know if you want broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD bath bombs.

Full spectrum CBD bath bombs

Full spectrum CBD bath bombs can contain trace levels of THC.

Now, we do not have any full spectrum CBD bath bombs but if you're in the market for this specific product there are plenty out there to choose from.

Broad spectrum CBD bath bombs

Broad spectrum CBD bath bombs typically contain 0% THC.

Our fresh and fruity CBD bath bombs contain 150mg of broad spectrum and will be perfect for your relaxing bath.

They are coming very soon, so make sure you follow us on Instagram to find out our release date.



There isn't a great deal to know about CBD bath bombs, but Orange County CBD believe it's important to outline all the information and guidance from the everything available online.

Thank you for taking the time read our article, hopefully you have learnt a lot about CBD bath bombs, If you have any questions, leave a comment below we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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