What Are The Benefits of CBD Vapes?

What Are The Benefits of CBD Vapes?

What Are The Benefits of CBD Vapes?

Here at Orange County we're always here to answer your questions, and this week we got asked, are there any benefits of a CBD vape - so, let's discuss! 

CBD has a lot of alleged benefits, from recreational to the therapeutic. Although nothing has been scientifically confirmed one particular trait is consistently reported: CBD’s ability to help you to feel more relaxed.

The particular way you take your CBD determines how you enjoy it and the benefits you may receive from it. One particular method that is growing in popularity is vaping.

This involves inhaling CBD vapour from a vape device into your mouth and lungs. 

So what are the benefits of a CBD vape, particularly when compared to other methods of CBD use?

But before we outline the benefits of a CBD vape, let’s clarify exactly what it is.

What Is CBD Vaping?

Vaping and smoking have a lot of crossover in the public mind, but the two activities are vastly different.

Traditional smoking involves the use of a combustible product (usually tobacco based) that burns to produce smoke which the user inhales. Vaping meanwhile makes use of a vape device that evaporates an e-liquid, producing a vapour which is inhaled by the user.

With vaping, you can choose the type of e-liquid you want depending on both flavour, content and ingredients. This is one of the biggest factors in determining the specifics of your vaping experience.

It’s common for individuals to add flavourings to their liquid to get a taste they enjoy, or to simply pick more strongly flavoured e-liquids. Popular options range from apple and cherry to traditional sweets, desserts and much more.

Although it can contain liquid nicotine, many e-liquids avoid this additive entirely. Even more contain no additive at all and, in essence, contain nothing but e-liquid and flavourings. Yet others will make use of a range of cannabinoids, chief amongst them being CBD.

While you can make your own vape juice at home, many vapers simply buy professionally prepared vape juices from reliable manufactures. Broadly speaking CBD vape comes in three forms:

  • CBD Isolate:

One of the most common CBD additives to vapes, this CBD extract consists of pure CBD with all other cannabinoids having been removed.

  • Broad Spectrum CBD vape:

This particular extract contains CBD and other cannabinoids naturally occurring in the hemp plant, but entirely lacks THC.

  • Full Spectrum CBD vape: 

This kind of CBD extract contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC.

It is said to have the most effect because cannabinoids work better together, a process known as the Entourage Effect.

We shouldn’t talk about CBD without mentioning THC, as the two are often confused.

Whereas CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system (a set of receptors throughout the body), THC is a cannabinoid that carries psychoactive properties.

THC is the compound in illegal cannabis products that will get a person “high”. To clarify, no UK legal CBD vape will get a user “high”.

As required by UK law, the THC concentration of any CBD product should only ever reach trace levels. The THC levels in full-spectrum CBD vape are not enough to impart any psychoactive effect.

Why Vape CBD?

CBD can be enjoyed in many different forms, from sublingual administration of CBD oils to applying CBD skincare and creams, eating CBD gummies and swallowing CBD capsules.

Vaping CBD stands alongside CBD oils as one dosing method with an extremely high bioavailability. Because CBD taken via vaping enters the bloodstream directly through capillaries in the mouth, throat and lungs, it avoids the lengthy digestive process that edible CBD must undergo.

This means that CBD vapes are one of the fastest and most intense ways to experience a dose of CBD.

Studies have indicated that while most of the other methods only have a bioavailability of between 6% to 30%, vaping maintains a whopping 70%.

That means that 70% of every puff of vapour you take enters your bloodstream, carrying more CBD to your endocannabinoid receptors and doing it quickly. This eminent speed and efficiency is one of the key reasons for CBD’s immense popularity.

So, what are the benefits of a CBD vape? Let's investigate...


CBD itself enjoys an extreme flexibility of application, letting it be infused with ease into a wide range of products.

As we have already stated the speed and strength of CBD vapes are their true edge over other CBD dosing methods, but it doesn’t stop there.

These are the other key qualities of CBD vapes that make then a key player in both the CBD and vaping worlds.

Easy Dosing

CBD vaping is easy to dose thanks to its fast acting effects. Unlike edibles that might take a few hours before you determine how effective they are, you can take a puff and wait for a few minutes to know if you’ll be needing more.

Although the size of your puff may be a little harder to measure, the measurable content of an e-liquid tank makes it easy to keep track of just how much CBD e-liquid you’ve taken.

CBD vape juices have a high Propylene Glycol (PG) base, meaning you won’t have to worry about those huge clouds. Being a high PG vape these can also be used with smaller pod devices, making them all the more accessible to novice vapers.

Quitting Smoking

For a while now vaping has been touted as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Although further studies are still needed into the long-term effects of vaping, it’s evident that vaping contains far fewer carcinogens and toxins than traditional cigarette smoke.

Many people choose to wean themselves off cigarettes with a tobacco flavoured CBD e-liquid. Whilst still bringing the familiar flavour of tobacco, the added effects of CBD provide an alternative stimulate that can help to replace the familiar buzz of nicotine.

This way many people have been able to successfully move away from cigarette use and even kick a nicotine habit entirely.

Support And Relief

Many people use CBD to help bring relief to a series of conventional issues. CBD itself is alleged to help in relieving everything from chronic pain and inflammation to mild insomnia and digestive issues.

Although none of these benefits have been conclusively confirmed, CBD itself has received widespread popular support for precisely these reasons. If it is indeed helpful in addressing these issues, then vaped CBD will be one of the most effective ways to administer it.

The Benefits Of CBD Vapes: Summary

There are many ways you can enjoy your CBD, but vaping holds a place at the top of the list. CBD vapes get into your bloodstream faster, which enables you to feel its effects more quickly than any other CBD product on the market.

This, alongside the proliferation of the vaping community across the UK and the world, has helped to make CBD vapes one of the most popular products in the CBD world today.

You always want to make sure you are vaping the right product for you, which is why you should always buy your CBD vapes from a reliable seller.

Here at Orange County CBD the quality of your CBD experience is our top priority. Whatever your taste in CBD vape, our range of e-liquids has something for you.

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