How Long Should You Wait Between Vapes

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Whether you’re a vaping expert or just completely new to the scene, not only is it beneficial to get the most out of your vaporiser but it’s seriously important to have the best experience for yourself. Now at Orange County CBD, we’ve made it our mission to write about topics that haven’t had the answer we feel is deserved and how long should you wait between vapes hasn’t had the love it so desperately needs! Now we understand the nature of this question is incredibly open and subjective and as a result, we’ve broken down the topic into two perspectives: Health and Hardware.

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Is the time you’re waiting between vapes affecting your health?

The health information about how long you should wait between vapes is unclear, but of course we want to give you a better answer than that!

As you would imagine, rare-conditions can occur when inhaling any substance so we would encourage you to take care when choosing the right e-liquid and vape. Now as of 2020, there is no conclusive health guidance online suggesting the time you wait between vapes is either good or bad for your health.

But don’t stop reading there! Another factor you should certainly consider is the potential of injuring yourself when chain vaping. It seems like a bizarre point, but it happens.  If you’re vaping with a coil at a high wattage it’s more than likely your vape will increase in temperature, it’s rare but if you continue and don’t allow time for your vape to cool there is a chance you can burn yourself.

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Is the time you’re waiting between vapes damaging your vaporisers?

How long you wait between vapes is certainly a factor that could potentially damage your vaporiser. So, in short, the answer is yes.

One of the main causes for a damaged coil is chain vaping. If you take numerous hits of your vaporiser within a short duration of time (around 5 seconds) it will dry out your wick ultimately causing it to burn.  If you wish to continuously vape this way, it’s in your best interest to understand the signs of a burning coil, they are as follows:

  • Off tasting e-liquid
  • ‘Gurgling’ sounds
  • Lack of vapor
  • A noticeable burning taste
  • Liquid in mouth
  • Burnt Lips (From Heat)
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The final verdict: How long should you wait between vapes?

What’s the best time to wait between vapes?

From all the information and guidance online, we have found that it’s suggested that you wait around 40 seconds in between vapes for both protection of health and equipment.

Can I chain vape?

If you’re keen on ‘chasing the white dragon’ and chain vaping, it’s suggested you wait at least 5 seconds between vapes but take caution and allow your vape time to cool afterwards.


Thank you for reading, we hope this piece has helped! If you have any enquires about this article, let us know! We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you have a different opinion about how long you should wait between vapes?