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CBD Vape Kit 1500mg


Nicotine stopped being cool in the 80s. Find your way into the world of vaping CBD with our CBD vaping kit that makes the perfect starter pack. Contains a powerful Aspire PockeX vape pen with your choice of vape juices from both our Cali and Vaping Bad ranges.

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Product Description

Let us introduce you to the world of CBD vaping.

We’ve kept things simple, ‘cause life is confusing enough. Paying taxes, figuring out how you’re going to get to work on time, and trying to remember a password that contains one capital letter, three numbers, twelve special characters and a code hidden in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Our CBD vape kit is the straightforward option. Not just for CBD vaping newbies, either. This is great for anyone looking to switch up their e-liquids or try a new vape. A range of tasty flavours and some stylish hardware at a price tag you’re unlikely to find elsewhere, it’s no wonder our CBD vape kit doesn’t stick around for long.

Strength: 1500mg (for a fairly intense CBD experience)

* By the way: We’ve already built in cracking cost savings with this product, so discount codes and promo codes won’t be valid at checkout.

Vaping Bad - Lab Report - THC Level Undetectable

Cali - Lab Report - THC Level Undetectable

CBD Vape Kit 1500mg
Pineapple Express
Mr Berg (Fruit/Menthol)

Why Choose Our

CBD Vape Kit 1500mg?

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All-time fave flavours

When Craig David asked what’s your flava, we’re pretty sure he was talking about CBD vaping. Our CBD vape kit is bursting with our best-selling powerful vape juice, for the scents and tastes you love. 

The Cali Range is based on popular California hemp strains - like Pineapple Express, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry OG Kush - for the authenticity without the high. Our Vaping Bad Range contains all-time faves in menthol, fruity and imitation tobacco varieties. Choose the one that takes your fancy from each range, for 1500mg of CBD per bottle.

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A match made in CBD heaven

Our CBD vape juices are compatible with most vaping devices, but we think this is a match even Cannabidiol Cupid would be proud of. The Aspire PockeX has the capacity and power needed for seamless compatibility with our e-liquids. An ideal pair for a smooth, satisfying vaping experience, with no fiddling about when you’re loading up. 

Our e-liquids are pre-approved by vaping experts in the UK and across the world. Made to support your lifestyle goals and boost your mood - without the THC.

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Upgrade your vape pen

Vape pens have come a long way since their baby days. The Aspire PockeX in our CBD vape kit is the perfect hardware for any vaper. Stylish, powerful and pocket-sized, this vape packs a 0.6ohm coil into a pen shorter than most smartphones.

Whether you’re a newbie or you’re breaking into sub-ohm vaping, this CBD kit is for you. In case “sub-ohm” means nothing to you, we’re talking about a more intense vaping experience. Think thicker clouds, more intense flavours and a satisfying lung hit. It’s measured in ohms, a unit of resistance you probably couldn’t care less about until you heard it’s what affects the flavour and cloud production of your CBD vape.

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Let’s talk trophies

Alright - if you insist.

Orange County CBD has the award for most awards won by any CBD company on the globe. Okay, that’s not a real award, but if it was, we’d win. Our e-liquids are formulated with the world’s best CBD vape juice. The star of the show is our Cali Range’s 'Girl Scout Cookies' which picked up Product of the Year at the 2020 Cannavist Awards.

If you’re new to CBD vaping, start with small doses and build up to your perfect CBD experience. 

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