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CBD Vape Kit 1500mg


Are you looking for an easy way into the world of vaping CBD? Our CBD vaping kit will give you the perfect solution. Offering you a choice of vape juices from both our Cali and Vaping Bad ranges, alongside a powerful Aspire PockeX vape pen, this is the ideal introduction to CBD vaping.

*Please Note: Due to cost savings already achieved with this option, discount codes and promotional codes cannot be used on checkout.

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Product Description

* Please Note: Due to cost savings already achieved with this product, discount codes and promotional codes cannot be used on checkout.

Strength: 1500mg

With our CBD vape kit, we’ve constructed the perfect introduction into the world of CBD vaping.

Using our full range of products we’ve found the absolute best examples of great e-liquids and reliable hardware, offered to you in a single money-saving bundle.

It’s not just for new starters either: if you’re looking to change up your e-liquids and just try a new vape, our CBD vape kit is ideal.

With the chance to select from our two most popular ranges, the CBD vape kit can be tailored to your exact desires.

With the excellent price tag tied to our CBD vape kit, we’ve ensured that the best of our products can be in your hands.

Whether breaking into sub-ohm vaping or trying it all for the first time, you couldn’t hope for a better CBD vape kit to get you started.

CBD Vape Kit 1500mg
Pineapple Express
Mr Berg (Fruit/Menthol)

Why Choose Our

CBD Vape Kit 1500mg?

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Perfect For Beginners

A poor first experience of anything can be enough to drive a person off, and that’s especially true for CBD vaping. With that in mind, our CBD vape kit does its best to ensure that our newest customers have everything they need to make their first experience a perfect one.
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Powerful Vape Juices

Our Vaping Bad vape juices provide an excellent choice of vaping flavours, from classic menthol to imitation tobacco and a mix of fruits, whilst our Cali range offers an award-winning selection of authentic flavours. With 1500mg of CBD per-bottle you’ll be able to get-to-grips with each e-liquid, letting you enjoy both of our eminently popular ranges.
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Excellent Vape Pen

The Aspire PockeX included in our CBD vape kit is the perfect starting hardware for a new vaper. Alternatively, it’s also a fantastic choice for someone looking to upgrade from a mouth-to-lung vape to the more intense sub-ohm. Small and pocket sized, this reliable vape packs a 0.6ohm coil into a pen shorter than most smartphones.
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Flawless Compatibility

Although our CBD vape juices are compatible with most vaping devices, with this bundle we’re ensuring complete compatibility between the vape and the e-liquids. The Aspire PockeX has the perfect balance of capacity and power to suit our e-liquids, making them an ideal pair for a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.
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