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Expert CBD Gift Set


Are you pushing the limits of CBD possibility? Our CBD expert bundle is the best way to take your CBD experience to its absolute peak. Coming with a powerful 6000mg oil and a strong tub of CBD gummies, this flawlessly matched kit gives you everything you need for a powerful, intense and comprehensive CBD experience.

*Please Note: Due to cost savings already achieved with this option, discount codes and promotional codes cannot be used on checkout.

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Product Description

* Please Note: Due to cost savings already achieved with this product, discount codes and promotional codes cannot be used on checkout.

For those who already have a regular CBD routine and want to take it to the next level, our Expert CBD gift is the way to do it.

If you’ve grown beyond the limits of our lower strength CBD products, and want to push your experience to the final frontier, look no further.

Our expert CBD bundle is the definitive bundle for CBD connoisseurs.

With a whopping 6000mg of CBD in our award-winning full-spectrum CBD oil - and an additional 1200mg of CBD packed into your choice of CBD gummies - this CBD bundle has everything you need to reach the peaks of CBD possibility. 

Oil - Lab Report -< 0.2% THC

Gummies - Lab Report - THC Level Undetectable

Expert CBD Gift Set

Why Choose Our

Expert CBD Gift Set?

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Most Powerful Bundle

The CBD expert bundle is the most powerful collection of CBD products we sell. Built around a bottle of our 6000mg full-spectrum CBD oil, this bundle is the perfect way to get a more intense CBD hit. The tub of high strength CBD gummies adds an extra kick, giving you a delicious CBD snack to add into your daily routine.
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Your Choice

Whilst the 6000mg oil may be the star of the show, having your choice of CBD gummies allows you to tailor your CBD expert bundle to your own particular tastes. Choosing between our full range of CBD gummies, this powerful tub of sweets will give you that extra CBD kick needed to bring your routine together.
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Perfect Pairing

The speed and intensity of our 6000mg full-spectrum CBD oil provides our expert customers with a quick and impactful experience. When paired with the slower, more mellow buzz of our CBD gummies, what you receive is a comprehensive CBD experience that doesn’t lack for length or impact.
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Peak CBD Journey

Our CBD expert bundle has been specifically designed for CBD connoisseurs. Offering you our most powerful oil alongside a potent tub of gummies, it takes an expert’s hand to truly get the most from this potent bundle.
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