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Buddy CBD Bundle


Our Buddy’s CBD bundle is the best way to enjoy our full selection of low-dose and savoury CBD products. This combination of delicious edible and irresistible oil is perfect for those who want a thorough CBD experience with truly unique flavours.

*Please Note: Due to cost savings already achieved with this option, discount codes and promotional codes cannot be used on checkout.

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Product Description

* Please Note: Due to cost savings already achieved with this product, discount codes and promotional codes cannot be used on checkout.

Looking for a way to get our best low-dose CBD solutions for the best price? The buddy’s CBD bundle is precisely what you need.

Pairing these two excellent products together provides you with everything you need for a comprehensive CBD experience at an even better price.

Buddy’s CBD bites offers you our award-winning CBD formed into a delicious meaty treat. Crafted with attention to its depth of flavour and impact on overall health, these bites are the ideal way to get a delicious low dose of CBD.

Meanwhile, buddy’s salmon oil enhances our fast-acting CBD oil with an irresistible salmon flavouring. Both of these products are made using broad-spectrum CBD, a refined compound that includes a wide profile of cannabinoids.

These work to support the effects of the CBD itself, making them all the more effective even at low doses.

With 250mg of CBD in a full tub of buddy’s CBD bites and 350mg in a single bottle of buddy’s CBD salmon oil, this bundle is certain to keep any low-dose CBD enthusiast in good supply.

Buddy CBD Bundle

Why Choose Our

Buddy CBD Bundle?

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Delicious Savoury Flavours

The two products each bring a delicious savoury addition to our extensive CBD catalogue. Whether you’re seeking the meaty deliciousness of buddy’s CBD bites or the irresistible taste of our salmon CBD oil, our buddy’s CBD bundle is the best way to enjoy the full range of these fantastic savoury flavours.
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Broad Spectrum CBD

Both buddy’s CBD bites and buddy’s salmon oil have been made using broad-spectrum CBD. Carefully balanced to contain a wide profile of cannabinoids, though entirely free from THC, this allows the CBD within to carry a powerful impact even in its smallest doses.
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Low Dose

For those who prefer their CBD in a low and light dose, this bundle gives them the ideal option. With a relatively small concentration of CBD in each product, the experience they offer is a mellow one. With a full tub and bottle to enjoy, these low-dose CBD solutions are sure to last a satisfyingly long time.
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Comprehensive Experience

By providing our customers with both an edible and an oil, our buddy’s CBD bundle provides a comprehensive experience that delivers two different kinds of CBD impact. The slow release of buddy’s CBD bites are perfectly paired with the faster acting salmon oil, allowing users to receive their CBD in their own ideal way.
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