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25R 2500mAh Vape Battery


Looking for a reliable way to power your vaping device? Our 25R batteries are the perfect thing for you. With a 2500mAh capacity and built for long-life, these batteries are the last step in making a good vaping experience truly great. Rechargeable and resilient, they will last you through even the most intense years of vaping.

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Product Description

Our 25R batteries are purpose-built to give you the best results from your vaping device.

Made to fit the majority of larger vape pens and box mods on the market, these high capacity power sources will keep you juiced up for a full day of vaping.

Easily installed and packing an impressive 2500mAh capacity, our 25R batteries are the ultimate answer to the question of powering your vape.

Rechargeable and designed with long term use in mind, our batteries provide a consistent energy supply for even the most powerful sub-ohm vapes.

Whether you’re using just one to power your sleek Argus Pro or getting two to keep your Geekvape Aegis Legend at full strength, these batteries are the best way to ensure that you get that perfect vaping experience.

Mis-used batteries can pose a significant danger to personal safety. Always carefully follow the instructions of your vaping device to ensure correct operation.

Be sure that your device is in workable condition before installing a battery. Dispose of any defective batteries in a safe and responsible manner.

25R 2500mAh Vape Battery

Why Choose Our

25R 2500mAh Vape Battery?

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At 18.3mm x 64.9mm this battery has been scaled specifically to fit the standard battery casings of most vape devices, giving it a wide range of applicability. Although eminently flexible, we’re offering it to you because it is the perfect fit for the more powerful devices in our own vaping range.
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Capacity & Output

With an output of 3.7 volts and a capacity of 2500mAh, these batteries will ensure that even the most powerful vapes stay at the absolute peak of their performance. With one of these in your device, you'll find that your vape always has enough power to get it through the day.
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Easily Recharged

Our 25R batteries fit easily into the vast majority of vapes on the market today. Integrating directly with a device's recharging apparatus, it's incredibly easy to ensure that your battery always stays topped up.
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Impeccable Quality

Vapers put a lot of effort into ensuring the components of their devices work together perfectly to bring out the best possible result, and batteries should be no exception. With these high drain batteries in your device you can be sure that your vape will continue to give you the unmatched experience you deserve.
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