We're launching a pioneering recycling program for disposable vapes that merges environmental stewardship with customer perks. This initiative empowers users to mitigate e-waste through the return of their used vapes.

Here's the easy-to-follow procedure:

Our dedicated team will then responsibly recycle your returned vapes, preventing them from polluting our environment or cluttering landfills.

To sweeten the deal, every time you successfully return ten disposable vapes, we'll reward you with one free vape. This acts as both a token of appreciation and a reminder of the significant environmental impact the irresponsible disposal of vape devices has.

Our mission is to pave the way to a sustainable future by making recycling straightforward and effective. This scheme is not only about proper e-waste disposal but also an effort to inspire our customers, and others, to stand with us in environmental protection.

Join our recycling program today and help shape a more sustainable future by ensuring responsible recycling of disposable vapes. Let's work together to lessen waste, save resources, and nurture a greener tomorrow.