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CBD Cali Range

Infused with natural terpenes and using powerful broad-spectrum CBD, the Cali Range is the closest you can get to those original strains.


Why Choose Our

CBD Cali Range

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Infused With Terpenes

At Orange County CBD we pride ourselves on being the innovators of the CBD world - and our award-winning Cali Range is the perfect example of that. 

Pairing the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD with a carefully chosen blend of terpenes, our Cali Range truly is unique. Each flavour is getting you as close to the original experience as possible, whilst still remaining 100% THC free.

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Award Winning E Liquid

We’re proud to be the most decorated CBD company on the planet, with an array of prestigious industry awards in our trophy cabinet showcasing both our hard work and innovation - and our famous Cali Range has played a huge role in this.

The Girl Scouts Cookies CBD e-liquid was good enough to win us the coveted Product of the Year at the 2020 Cannavist Awards. With such unrivalled success, the Cali Range lets you be certain that you're getting the best possible CBD vaping experience.

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Famous Cannabis Strains

Our multi award winning Cali Range has been designed to mimic the iconic tastes and smells of distinct cannabis strains, bringing that OG hit to your CBD experience. 

From the classic taste of Star Dawg Haze to the kick of Sunset Sherbert, the sour tang of Cherry OG Kush and the delicious Girl Scout Cookies, each e-liquid is offering something unique. With eight individual strains represented here, we’re bringing you the very best flavours with an added boost of CBD wellness.

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Realistic Flavours & Smells

The terpenes at the heart of our Cali Range are organically extracted from hemp plants to provide complex, natural flavours and scents. 

Far from the simple mix of chemicals that other e-liquids boast, these terpenes lend an authentic depth of flavour to our Cali Range. So, if you’re looking for an authentic CBD vaping experience then the Cali Range is exactly where you need to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Cali Range A Form Of CBD E-Liquid?

Yes, the Cali Range is one of our two lines of CBD e-liquids. 

An e-liquid, also called vape juice or vape oil, refers to any liquid that is used in a vaping device. As well as tasting great, our CBD-infused e-liquids are a great way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. 

The Cali Range also includes a series of organic terpenes to give it that really authentic taste and smell. Extracted with the same attention to quality we give to all of  our CBD products, these natural flavourings give each of our Cali e-liquids the taste and smell that mimics classic cannabis strains.

Will Cali Range E-Liquids Get Me High?

No, none of our products will get you high, no matter how authentic they taste. 

CBD has no psychoactive effects, instead working by interacting with the human endocannabinoid system to boost your overall wellness. This is a series of receptors found across your body and is involved in a range of functions, including pain response and sleep management. 

The cannabinoid that does induce a “high” is called THC, but despite their traditional taste, our Cali Range is formulated using broad-spectrum CBD which, whilst it contains a range of cannabinoids, has had all traces of THC removed.

Do Cali Range E-Liquids Contain THC?

No. Made with broad-spectrum CBD, our Cali Range of e liquids has no THC in it whatsoever. THC is a controlled substance in the UK and many of the laws regarding CBD production are aimed at regulating THC content. 

Our Cali Range includes several other cannabinoids and terpenes to enhance the effects of its CBD, but all traces of the psychoactive THC have been removed.

What Is The Best Way To Vape Cali Range E-Liquid?

Our Cali Range is formulated in line with the most popular conventional e-liquids. This means that it will work effectively with almost any vaping device on the market. 

Many vapers insist that sub-ohm vaping is the best way to bring the flavour out of an e-liquid. Whilst we can’t comment on the truth of that, we can say that our Cali Range is rated to handle even the hottest of coils.

Can I Vape Cali Range E-Liquid Indoors?

Vaping our Cali Range indoors isn’t dangerous by any means, but there are a few considerations. The smell of Cali Range will certainly be concentrated when used inside, so you may want to consider finding a better, more ventilated space.

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