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Buddy's CBD

Looking for a health supplement to keep your little buddy in top shape? The Buddy's collection gives you everything you need to bring a healthy dose of CBD to your furry friend.

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Buddy's CBD

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Low-Dose CBD

Our Buddy's collection is designed around providing a low-dose option that still packs a comprehensive punch. By limiting the dose of CBD in each individual bite and the overall concentration of the oil, we can ensure that those who want their CBD mild get it without any loss of effectiveness. This more mellow approach is the perfect way to get those essential cannabinoids to your smallest buddy, ensuring that their experience is as effective as possible.

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Savoury Flavours

If your smallest friend is more accustomed to sweet than savoury, then this is the CBD for you. The Buddy's collection has been designed to provide a CBD dosing solution with as much focus on complex savoury flavours as possible. Whether it's the meaty taste of Buddy's Bites or the delicious fishy flavour of Buddy's Salmon Oil, the delicious taste of these products will be irresistible to your furry friend. This is the CBD for doggedly determined users focused on savoury flavour above all else.

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Broad-Spectrum CBD

We use our incredible broad-spectrum CBD to make the Buddy's collection. This award-winning formulation contains a wide profile of cannabinoids designed to support and enhance the impact of the CBD itself. This is what lets us ensure that even the low-dose Buddy's collection carries a significant CBD impact, providing a comprehensive experience that is sure to satisfy any user no matter their needs. Whilst this CBD is packed full of other cannabinoids, it is completely THC-free to make sure your little buddy's CBD experience only ever gives them precisely what they need.

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Easy to Take

We know how hard it can be to get your furry friend to take their dose of CBD. That's why our Buddy's products are incredibly easy to use, designed specifically to be applied with as little fuss as possible. Between their irresistible flavours and simple application methods, both Buddy's Bites and Buddy's Salmon Oil can be applied with ease. Whether your furry friend will be chowing down on a few meaty treats or gobbling up their dinner infused with salmon oil, they're sure to enjoy getting their dose of CBD.

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