What are CBD Gummies?

What are CBD Gummies?

If you are new to the world of CBD oils, edibles and even skincare, welcome to the club! We want to guide you through the world of CBD products, starting with their most delicious form. 

Join us as we tell you what CBD gummies are, their benefits, how to use them in your daily life and how they might affect you after you take them. For all this and more, stick with Orange County. 

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Introducing CBD Gummies! 

So, what are CBD gummies? They are edible sweets that come in an endless amount of flavours, textures and shapes. But there is one crucial ingredient they all have in common: cannabidiol oil, otherwise known as CBD.

Cannabidiol oil is an active ingredient derived from the hemp plant of marujana. CBD is distinct from its sister chemical, tetrahydrocannabinol. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive components and is a confirmed non-psychotropic.

All this means that CBD cannot make you experience a ‘high’. CBD is often preferred by those who want pain relief but do not want to experience the psychological effects of smoking marijuana or taking THC oil. 

Scientists even believe CBD can interact with the brain receptors that manage temperature control, pain and inflammation. By ingesting a CBD gummy, you may be able to calm these receptors and experience a therapeutic, relaxed state. CBD gummies, like those sold here at Orange County, are infused with broad-spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol. 

The gummies typically contain sugar, a hardening agent (such as gelatin) and flavourings which are heated and poured into moulds. Then, before hardening into their final form, the full-spectrum CBD gets added to the mixture and voila! You have a tasty selection of CBD gummies. 

What are the benefits of CBD Gummies? 

Government regulations on CBD state that CBD retailers, like Orange County, cannot securely recommend CBD products to consumers as a form of medical relief. However, we can mention the large array of anecdotal benefits that CBD users have experienced over countless years of use. 

1. Relief from Anxiety

Although studies on CBD and anxiety have only involved animal participants, this research has yielded positive results. For example, a 2014 study found evidence that CBD activated serotonin receptors in the brain. 

An increased presence of these receptors reduces how much pain, anxiety and nausea a person experiences. Therefore, this study suggests that ingesting high concentrations of CBD can reduce the effects of anxiety. Who knew?!

2. Good for Digestion

Do you want to keep your gut in good health? Of course, everyone does, and lucky for you, CBD gummies might be able to assist. If you suffer from stomach inflammation or experience poor digestion, this could be down to excessive bacteria growth. 

However, ingesting CBD is believed to regulate this bacteria by stabilising pH levels in the gut. We think CBD gummies are a great way to get your stomach health back on track: they are easy to take in bite-size morsels, taste unbelievable and can soothe your stomach pain from the inside out. 

3. Pain Relief

We cannot formally recommend CBD gummies as a form of medical relief. However, we can tell you about studies that advocate its use as a pain management tool. 

All humans have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies. It is a complex, interrelated entanglement of chemicals and cell receptors that play a critical role in our basic functioning. It regulates your motor control, memory, sleep, immune system, and more. 

Research suggests that CBD interacts with the ‘anandamide’ receptor in our endocannabinoid system. Anandamide is responsible for mood regulation, and ingesting CBD reportedly causes this receptor to increase dopamine levels. 

Are CBD Gummies legal? 

Yes! The UK government released new legislation on CBD laws in 2018. They declared that CBD products must contain no more than 1 milligram of THC to be legally sold in the UK. Government officials legalised two components of cannabinoids: CBD and CBDa. 

This law allowed retailers to begin producing and selling CBD skin care products, oil tinctures and even E-Liquids. However, other chemical components of the marijuana plant, such as THC, remain illegal under UK law. 

THC is classified as a controlled substance, which explains why its presence in CBD products must be minimal or not apparent. 

Try Orange County for your CBD Gummies! 

We hope you are up to speed with all the latest benefits and laws surrounding CBD gummies. If we have persuaded you that they are well worth a try, we offer a wide range of flavours and packages of gummies for you to browse. 

Start your CBD journey the right way with Orange County.

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